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Market Research

However brilliant your product or service, your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Understanding what else is available enables you to position your business and create a strategy for communicating to potential customers about what makes you different.

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The term positioning refers to where you sit strategically in the marketplace; are you the most expensive, the most reliable, the most popular, the most sophisticated, the most recognisable?

Your position in relation to your competitors is closely linked to your value proposition because it incorporates the benefits you offer, your pricing strategy and anything you do that’s different to your competitors (your USPs).

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Planning and Strategy

A realistic, well considered marketing strategy that’s closely aligned with your overall business objectives is central to its growth and development.

FIG’s senior marketing specialists help you pinpoint why your business is different and why customers should buy from you. They’ll show you how to achieve a strong return on your marketing investment through a methodical, insight led strategy that enables you to generate income and ensure sustainable growth. 

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Performance Analytics / Reporting

Marketing planning and strategy is a continually evolving process – there’s no point having a plan if you never review it to see how you are performing against expectations.

To review performance effectively, it’s important to establish marketing metrics against which success can be measured.

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