Insight & Strategy

Understanding your customer’s needs and why they do business with you

Delivering real results depends on knowledge and insight about your customer needs and why they do business with you. At FIG we see the true value of undertaking insight and strategy at the start of a project or customer relationship.

The ever-changing business landscape means that no business can stand still or continue to do the same things year on year. A company that thrives and continues to grow uses insight and strategy to identify clear customer needs and refines their business offering.

The senior team at FIG can help you get under the skin of your customers and define a marketing strategy that supports your business objectives.

To identify clear customer needs to refine the business offering.

Communications Strategy

Is your marketing and communications strategy aligned to your overall business objectives? FIG’s senior marketing specialists can ask the ‘why’ and show you the ‘how’ through a methodical, insight-led plan that will help you to communicate the effective messages that resonate with the right people and drive up ROI.

Brand Strategy

With extensive experience developing strong brands across the B2B spectrum, FIG truly understands how an effective brand strategy can work to position a business head and shoulders above the competition.

We’ll work with you throughout the whole process; from stakeholder insight and defining the brand vision, to developing the personality & values of your brand, we’ll deliver a unique brand strategy that can work across all of your marketing and communications.


Central to all good marketing and communications is effective messaging, telling your customers clearly and simply how you are different to your competitors and what it means for them. The development of strong authentic messaging can seriously improve the effectiveness of a website or the success of a PR campaign and definitely helps build long-term trust with customers.

Stakeholder Insight

Qualitative research with staff and customers and other stakeholders is central to gain a true understanding about what you do and why people do business with you. It contributes to the successful targeting of the right audience, tailoring the right messages, building the right campaigns and creating personalised customer experiences that will see the greatest results for your marketing spend.

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