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Designer Lizi

Graphic Design

Good, creative design is a powerful way of engaging with your audience, building trust and communicating your key messages. It helps make sure your customers know why you are different to the competition and why they should buy from you.

FIG’s hugely experienced design team will bring your ideas to life and help ensure your marketing tools are consistent and on brand.

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Northwood Rhino Brand

Brand Identity

Your brand is the DNA of your business – it blends your personality, your key messages, your look and feel, and the values that set you apart from your competitors.

FIG has extensive experience creating strong brands for a diverse range of businesses and products.

In a fast-moving business environment, you can’t afford to neglect your branding even if it’s well-established. FIG also works with you to find new and creative ways to keep your brands fresh and relevant to evolving customer needs.

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TEL Brochure

Design for Print

Despite the growth of digital marketing, there are still times only a hard copy, printed document will do. The targeted use of printed collateral can really set your business apart and many high profile brands are adopting printed magazines to tell their brand story in ever more imaginative and visual ways. And of course, the physicality of a print means it’s harder to ignore than digital alternatives.

FIG’s design experts can help you discover which promotional activities work well in which printed formats, create concept options, and manage the process of bringing your ideas to life.

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Dave in the Studio

Motion Graphics & Video

Video is an extremely powerful medium for promoting products and services and its increasing popularity (according to Hubspot, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2020) has spilled over from the B2C to B2B space where product demonstrations can bring complex technologies to life in an instant. It’s great for search engine optimisation too because it’s perceived as high quality content and ranks as such.

From storyboarding and script writing to directing, producing, shooting, animating and seeding video online, FIG will manage the process from beginning to end to ensure your content is engaging, shareable, drives audience action and gives a strong return on investment.

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SRL Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Design

FIG has over 25 years’ experience working with major national organisations and small businesses supporting their marketing and PR requirements at exhibitions to ensure the best return on their investment.

We work with you throughout the entire project including: exhibition selection, planning and objective setting, developing themes and ideas, sourcing and managing promotional materials and maximising the event’s PR potential.

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Professional Presentations

If you’ve ever sat through a presentation of bullet point after bullet point, slide after slide, willing the next one to be the last…you’ll know that a corporate presentation lives or dies by what you show and how you show it.

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Signage & Office Branding

Are you making the most out of your office space? Why not create impactful, vibrant and engaging spaces to increase brand awareness and engage with employees and customers?

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