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Communications Planning

A strong communication plan that delivers engaging, consistent communication with customers and stakeholders across all channels and touch points, helps boost brand awareness, build credibility, and generate sales.

And it begins with knowing your audience. The more you know about your customers and other stakeholders, the more effective your tactics for reaching them will be. FIG’s communication and content experts will help you define who you want to reach using a range of tools from stakeholder insights through to the development of key personas. Most businesses will have several distinct audiences and we help you craft and distribute content that engages with each.

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Content Creation

Creating B2B content is a specialist skill because it requires an appreciation of your specific sales process, what your customers need and how they make decisions as well as the expertise to communicate what can be complex, sophisticated or technical information in a clear and engaging way. FIG’s in-house copywriters have many years’ experience write engaging content for all digital channels including your website and social media channels.

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Marketing Campaigns

Distinct from day-to-day marketing activities, a marketing campaign is a targeted activity with a specific objective – usually the promotion of a product or service.

You don’t need to be a big brand with big pockets to experience the benefits of a cleverly crafted marketing campaign. The most important elements of a stand-out B2B marketing campaign are: messaging, positioning and tone of voice…

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Thought Leadership

With our roots firmly in communications for B2B brands, we understand how credible long-form content can work to position you as a true thought leader in your field. FIG’s communications team can help you build and sustain a conversation with key stakeholders through thought leadership articles that are authoritative, original, and engaging.

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