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A solid business growth strategy is built on brand awareness and reputation. At FIG, our B2B PR experts have the right contacts and skills to not only raise your profile in your sector, but protect your brand’s reputation and reach key stakeholders both on and offline.

The ever-changing business landscape has seen an increase in competition and more communication channels than ever before, which is why we work with our clients to develop a water-tight communications strategy that cuts through the noise and tells your brand story in a unique and engaging way.

Developing a water-tight communications strategy

PR & Media Strategy

What messages are you communicating to your prospects? What opinion do your customers hold of your business? What is the competition saying and where are they saying it? A solid PR & Media strategy can help you to take control over your communications in a more targeted and effective way, ensuring that your reputation is upheld, your messages are being consumed and your business is part of meaningful conversations across every touch-point.

Press Office & Media Relations

FIG’s Press Office & Media Relations offering is headed up by experienced, senior PR Managers who have established close working relationships with key editors and journalists across business, trade, regional and broadcast media. By truly understanding the media landscape, we’re able to effectively meet journalistic requirements whilst often shaping the news agenda for the benefit of our clients.

Content Creation & Placement

We are content creators, and we love to shout about the great things our clients achieve day in, day out. From relevant and timely news releases, feature articles and thought leadership pieces, to case studies, award entries and soundbites, we craft quality material that reinforces key messages and place it accordingly through our dedicated newswire.

Digital Outreach

The evolution of the web means that journalism and conversations are now far more prevalent online than ever. FIG’s approach to online PR means that we understand where the influencers are and we know just how to reach and engage them on behalf of our clients.

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