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Tatra Rotalac

Tatra Plastics and Rotalac Plastics were merged into one entity after being acquired by Coral Products plc. With both companies having a long-standing heritage in the industry, and the merger further enhancing their offering and ability to exploit the UK and global markets, FIG was approached to help with branding and a new website. In short timescales, FIG delivered branding and top level messaging for the new entity as well as a new website to go live in time for the merger announcement. FIG also supported with PR and design services to communicate the merger.

“FIG has been absolutely brilliant throughout this entire process, including the branding, stationery, the website build and the PR. It’s been a really smooth journey, despite the short timescales and much appreciated as we have had so much going on, it has been reassuring that we’ve been able to trust FIG to just get on with it, everyone I have come into contact at FIG has been a great help. The result is fantastic, a really professional job and we’re really proud and excited for the future.”

Adele Devine, Tatra Rotalac.

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