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Northwood – Equity Site

Northwood wanted to promote their Private Equity offering and looked to FIG, their long-standing marketing partner for help.

FIG recommended designing and building a microsite so that it could be promoted separately at www.northwoodpe.co.uk, whilst still being part of the existing Northwood site, meaning it would be easier to manage, maintain and update.

FIG designed the microsite using Adobe XD so the Northwood marketing team could clearly visualise how the site would look and how it would work. This improved the whole sign-off process and with very few amends, the microsite was approved for build.


Northwood’s Marketing Manager was delighted, “Once again FIG has responded quickly and professionally to our needs. Northwood Private Equity now has a platform to promote its offering to support and fund business growth and development. It is professional and there is plenty of room for the microsite to grow as NPE expands in the future.”

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