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Northwood – Corporate Website

Northwood is a long standing client of FIG. The company had grown significantly over the past few years which meant their website didn’t properly represent all of the different areas of the business. The marketing team wanted a new corporate website that would showcase all the areas of their business including Hygiene, Recycling, Consumer, Paper, Healthcare and Private Equity.

FIG proposed a series of micro sites managed from their current Northwood WordPress website, which was easy for the in-house team to update and also wouldn’t incur additional fees such as hosting and SSL certificates that are associated with a new website.

The FIG designers refreshed the Northwood homepage to represent the corporate Northwood page and ensure ease of navigation to all areas of the business. New landing pages were then designed and created for the different areas of the business.  The microsite pages for Paper and Recycling that had previously not been well represented were also expanded.

Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager at Northwood, said, “FIG were really in the best position to look at our website refresh. They have worked with us now for several years and understand our business and how it has evolved over time. The site needed to represent the overall needs of Northwood as a corporate business and showcase relevant information for each business area, including all of our brands and products. The website looks very professional and will be an asset to the Northwood business going forward. It’s also easy for us to update and the design can grow with us over the next few years.”

Northwood Corporate Website

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