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Work Experience – Grace becomes an honorary Figster!

July 2019Leah
FIG work experience

The first week of July saw us welcome Grace 17, from Aquinas College for some work experience!

Here at FIG we believe in making the most of young minds and setting anyone who visits us for work experience meaningful tasks that give them a real insight into a typical working week at a marketing agency and the opportunity to lend a hand in a project that will ultimately benefit our business!

Grace was set tasks that enabled her to showcase her design skills whilst of course learning some new expertise during her time with us, this included:
Branding concepts for an unreleased product including a brief sheet on the USP, competitor analysis and creating social media assets for FIG.

– Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Grace, I’m 17 and I enjoy maths and art – though art is more of a pastime for me! I also like Marvel movies, which ended up being quite the conversation starter with the design team here at FIG!

– What are you currently studying at college?

I am studying A-Level Maths, BTEC Applied Science and 3D Design at Aquinas College in Stockport.
3D Design gives me a chance to get creative outside of Maths and Science which I chose initially as I intended to go down a science-based route after college; however I greatly enjoy the range of ideas I have been able to develop during the year within 3D Design. I love that there’s no ‘correct’ way of doing things, unlike with Maths and Science.

– What are your plans for the future Grace?

I’ve not quite decided what I’ll do after college. At the moment I’m quite open, but I am definitely interested in a degree-apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at Manchester University or perhaps Neuroscience & Forensic Science at Keele and Preston… Who knows!

– What made you reach out to FIG in particular?

It can be quite difficult to gain placements in science based roles unless you’re a trained specialist so I was especially interested in jobs that enabled me to refine my creative/arty skills. When a friend of my mum’s suggested FIG, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. My time here at FIG allowed me to gain further knowledge in my passion for designing and creating which has been really rewarding.

– What tasks have you been set over the week?

Throughout the week I have been given a range of tasks to accomplish, with plenty of help and useful advice to guide me from the team. At the beginning of the week I worked on some logo designs for the brand ‘OdourWizard’. This was a good chance for me to convert my ideas into sketches then help bring them to life using Illustrator. I was given the responsibility of choosing the best of the designs and assigning an appropriate colour scheme to each design.

I did this by creating a mood board for the entire brand and considered how it could be potentially expanded into further products within the business. Seeing my designs come to life on a real bottle was ace! After this I pulled together some articles which compared OdourWizard to its competitors, identifying the brands unique selling points and how it differentiated whilst ensuring the article was optimised to be best noticed and listed by a search engine was different to anything I’ve ever done before.

Client Services then asked me to help with some assets to support upcoming social campaigns that they were working on. Conducting my own personal research once again and ensuring what I created fitted within the brief I was set… I was surprised with how much work can go into simple designs!

– Which task was your favourite and what new skills will you take with you?

My favourite task was definitely working on OdourWizard, bringing all my design ideas together and then seeing how they work against a product – in this case a bottle; I was able to learn more about a typical design process from brief to product and Dave even let me in on some ‘shortcut’ secrets. These will definitely make my life easier when I’m doing my 3D Design work at college… thanks Dave!

Learning how to research a product effectively and produce an article that is SEO friendly was definitely a learning curve and I’ve gained some valuable English skills like sentence structure and choosing the best language/keywords for a topic.

– How will your week here benefit you at college?

All the design work I have been busy with will help me with my 3D Design course. Similar to the process here at FIG, we are given a brief and come back with an initial draft of the concept; this is then converted to a file on Illustrator.  The English skills I have learnt will also help me when it comes to writing reports or articles in BTEC Science.

– What was your favourite part of your week with us?

I thought it was fab when the whole team headed to the roof terrace for a July 4th BBQ on lunch, seeing everyone relax and catch up with each other socially was really refreshing! It’s nice to see the team have a real friendship with each other and don’t just sit in silence all day like I imagine some workplaces do!

– Any final words Grace?

FIG is a relaxed and friendly place where I felt instantly welcomed by the team and included in everything that was going on throughout the week. I want to say a huge thank you to all the ‘Figsters’ for making this week a very positive experience! I have honestly learnt some really valuable new skills and will take away lots of knowledge of the hard work that goes on in all departments of a marketing agency. I am extremely proud of some of the work I got a chance to create… So yeah, thank you all so much for this amazing work experience!

Such kind words from Grace, it really has been a pleasure to have her here for the week… Talking all things Marvel and helping us out with some new and exciting projects. We wish you lots of luck moving forward from college whether you decide to keep up with design or focus on your maths and science studies… EXCELSIOR!

If you’re interested in undertaking some work experience with us here at FIG please email the team on: [email protected] and we can discuss further.

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