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Why webinars should be part of your content marketing mix

March 2021Helen

At FIG, we’ve been helping our clients to work SMART during the pandemic, and for many, that means adapting to find new ways of meeting, engaging and wow-ing customers…

COVID-19 added significant pressures to deliver sales and services in the face of adversity. As the realisation that the effects were going to be longstanding, businesses had to look at how to adapt and strategise to encourage stability and long-term growth.

In the absence of physical interactions, delivering powerful content marketing is even more important than ever before. Here, we explain how it can help and why webinars should be part of that mix…

Standing out in a crowd…

Our digital presence and how we communicate is critical to success.

9 out of 10 B2B buyers say that online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions (CMO Council).

But standing out in an increasingly crowded online marketplace and engaging with clients whom, twelve months in, have all sat through enough virtual comms to last a lifetime…it’s easier said than done!

Mediocre content can simply leave you invisible and worse still, bad content can damage your brand. In 2021’s virtual world, increased competition for your audience can lead to lower interest and overall engagement, if not done properly… Only great content will generate positive results. This takes time and careful consideration to deliver successfully and is exactly why FIG’s Marketing Partners benefit from continued, dedicated support.

As COVID-19 cases rose and the world as we knew it hit the brakes, Thermal Fluid Solutions, one of FIG’s longstanding Marketing Partners, found themselves grounded and unable to travel to North America and Europe to deliver their vital training to their customers.

Following a discussion with FIG, the team derived a plan to ensure that the team were able to continue to run their own training sessions remotely, alongside planned, knowledge-based webinars, adapting their marketing campaign to the ever-changing restrictions.

As part of our remit, we were able to support end-to-end; identifying the most suitable platform, generate interest for sessions, build landing pages to enable data capture, provide content and design and deliver comms to attendees.  

As part of a wider strategy, webinars are an incredibly successful marketing vehicle for TFS, saving them significant resource. Whilst not a replacement for all physical training and events, the team have a sustainable way of engaging and motivating customers and delivering sales, during these pressing times.

As a new addition to their marketing mix, FIG provided advice and strategy to help TFS deliver a valuable campaign with rich, interesting content for their clients.

Handy Hints for a Great Webinar Experience

  • Understand your audience, what they already know and what they need to know… Ensure your webinars deliver value and a take-away attendees can confidently deploy, whatever stage of your Value Chain they’re in… 2020-21 has seen a sharp rise in Virtual Summits; these are so successful because they increase the perceived value of registering by collating content. 
  • Carefully consider the most appropriate software for your offering: should it be secure? Will attendees need to pay to attend? How many attendees will you have? Does it offer polls, live chats & Q&A facilities. Can you see analytics?
  • Get the most out of your work by looking for ways to recycle what you produce. Webinars are great for breaking down into short topic-specific videos, which can then be deployed on various medias. Short snippets are easy for customers to digest and they can easily navigate to find content that is relevant to them.
  • On-demand webinars can be just as interactive and engaging as live and simu-live webinars, in fact, they can be more effective as customers have the flexibility to attend at their convenience. If delivering live content, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings typically have highest engagement rates.

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