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Why technology companies need marketing

October 2019Helen
technology marketing

Now let’s get straight to the point. All companies, whatever sector, need marketing, so don’t think if you are not a technology company you can get away with it! I’m sorry you just can’t. OK now that’s said, if you are a technology company, you need marketing even more than most, maybe that should have been the title. Why?

In our experience technology companies are very good at being technical, at solving problems for their customers and creating innovative solutions. Typically they can communicate well in technical terms usually in copious amounts of detail, but lack the skills to be able to really articulate what they do in laymans terms.

Struggling to reach the right audience?

One of the top five challenges in the B2B sector is getting in front of the right people at the right time.1 With increased competition particularly in the technology sector, reaching the right audience is a constant battle for marketers. Technical doesn’t always have to be dry and boring. Your customers probably don’t need to know the technical side of what you do and more than likely won’t understand it at all. And if the benefits of your products and services are wrapped up in a load of technical features, your differentiation and reasons to choose your company are lost. Having worked with technology companies for over 20 years we are always asked the same question. How can you communicate what we do when you don’t understand our business. The answer? Yes it helps to have a good understanding of your products and services, but we don’t need to know exactly how you do it, but most importantly we need to know how they benefit your customers. These are the key messages to get across. That said, as a technology specialist we’re very experienced in writing for technical companies and have a very good understanding, enabling us to write white papers, detailed case studies and comment features on a regular basis. But when it comes to marketing and engaging with a new audience, your messaging should be clear, simple and all about those benefits.

Being technical doesn’t mean no personality

Back in the 80s and 90s the technology companies we worked with all started to look the same. It was very blue and grey, very corporate looking and everyone talked about solutions rather than products. When products and services start to look the same, customers find it very difficult to differentiate. The B2B sector and technology has had to work hard to engage its audience, learning along the way that although what they do might be very technical, they are still trying to engage people not machines, so it was necessary to inject some personality into the brand. Personalisation and humanising marketing is a big topic in B2B marketing in 2019 and B2B marketers are learning from their B2C counterparts in how to engage with their audience, using the different channels now available to them and being creative in their approach. But there is still room for alot of improvement, marketers need to work hard to tell the story about their brand and how they solve their customer’s problems.

73% of B2B marketers report positive ROI results from video content. 2

Technology marketers have an array of different channels that they can use to their advantage. The trick is knowing when to use the right ones. The rise of content marketing provides the technology marketer with an immediate advantage as they typically have lots of good, detailed content they can utilise. Healthy sales funnels can be created using automation and CRM systems with email marketing, case studies and white papers. Dry, complicated subjects can be humanised to great effect using interesting videos and animation for better engagement online. Statistics and masses of information can be communicated better as a visual representation in infographics or animated videos.

It’s a good time to be a marketer in the technology sector, with plenty of opportunities to stand out from the crowd, even given the competition, if you invest in creative, visual marketing and work hard on your messaging and story telling.

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