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Why going out for B2B marketing is better than staying in

November 2021Helen
Outsourced Marketing for B2B Companies

Going out and outsourcing your marketing function could be the cost-effective solution for your B2B business in 2022 as reaching and engaging with your customers typically requires a wide variety of knowledge, tools and activities using the latest sophisticated marketing efforts, something you might not be equipped to provide in-house.

Dedicated marketing agencies have access to the latest technology, typically a lot of strategic marketing knowledge and access to a wide range of different skill sets. Unless you have a dedicated marketing team in-house, marketing can often be a function given to staff to do when they have a ‘bit of spare time’.

Neglecting marketing activities slows down your flow of prospective customer enquiries eventually as the economy is too dynamic to sustain businesses that don’t perpetually market themselves and attempt to remain on their customer’s radar.

Marketing must remain high on your agenda if you want to achieve sustainable, long-term growth or if one of your goals is to acquire a greater market share. In this blog, we will discuss some of the main benefits of outsourcing your B2B marketing activities.


The benefits of ‘going out’ or outsourcing your B2B marketing efforts are numerous, but here are just a few of the main benefits you can expect:

Improved ROI

ROI (return on investment) is typically the most important metric for marketing agencies as they define their success based on the ROI they achieve for their clients. They will be better equipped to stretch your marketing budget as far as it can possibly go, as they will likely have staff members dedicated to each facet of marketing, such as copywriting, graphic design and web development. The time it takes to complete tasks can also affect ROI, and with the help of a team of professional marketers you can expect a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete marketing objectives, improving ROI. Also when a dedicated outsourced marketing team is looking after your marketing activities, they will be achieved in a timely, targeted manner, so have a much better chance of getting results. Unlike in-house marketing which can sit on a ‘to do’ list for several weeks at a time, particularly when the business experiences a busy spell.

Access to tech and expertise

Having a marketing team behind you also means you’ll probably have access to the latest software and technology that can be used for a wide range of marketing activities. This could be data gathering software that reveals information about your customer’s behaviour, allowing you to deliver more relevant, appealing and personalised communications. A good marketing agency will likely have everything that is needed to design, launch and manage a competitive marketing strategy. A professional marketing team will also think strategically, able to consider your audience and build the right, targeted campaigns, using the right channels for the best results and engagement with your customers.

Dedicated marketing team

Having access to a much wider pool of talent is always going to be of benefit, and with specialists in each area of marketing working to coordinate your customer acquisition efforts, your staff can focus on delivering an excellent service. Outsourcing your marketing means marketing activities can achieved quickly, for less money and more effectively. This is an excellent way to facilitate growth and unless you have a dedicated marketing department, outsourcing marketing should form part of your growth strategy.

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