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Why design matters

November 2021Helen
why design matters

For 25 years there’s been a design team at FIG Creative, but I sometimes think people underestimate what they do and the importance they have within the marketing process.

At FIG we are fortunate enough to have a team of five senior graphic/digital designers. Each of them with over 10 – 15 years’ experience. Our client projects are being serviced by some of the best graphic designers in the business! But our studio team are not just designers, they’re marketers too. They understand business and the importance of design and how it can impact just about everything we do.

So, how does a design team support marketing?

Brand creation and development

We all know the importance of a good brand and at FIG we believe that a good brand is just as important if you are an SME or a big organisation. Your brand is in essence a reflection of who you are, the DNA of the business and what your customers can expect from you. The design team at FIG have many years’ experience of creating brands from scratch. In fact, it’s usually a process that involves the whole team. A new brand is an exciting event in our office, we get very excited in creating a new entity for a new business, which as you can imagine, is so important for the start of something new. More often than not though, we get involved in refreshing a brand. We’ve worked with many businesses over the years looking for a brand refresh. There are many reasons when a brand refresh is necessary. It could be a long-standing business where the brand no longer reflects the modern business it is today. Maybe the company has changed hands or gone through a management buy out and therefore looking in a new direction. Whatever the reason, it’s an important process to get right. We will talk to staff and to their customers, to really get under skin of what the business is all about and what’s important. We will look to understand the direction and objectives of the business and the audience they are looking to attract. Finally we need to recognise the values and ethics of the company and ensure that the new brand represents all of these things. It’s never easy. Even if the finished mark or identity is a simple one, believe you me, there will have been a lot of work that has taken place to get there. As you can tell, we’re pretty passionate about branding at FIG!

Brand development

As we work with many businesses in a retained marketing relationship, brand development is hugely important in what we do. A business never stands still. It evolves, it grows, it changes over time, and so should your brand. The mark may stay the same, but the brand can evolve around it. This is the look and feel that supports the mark. The colours, the fonts, the language and messaging used, and the icons and imagery that supports the brand. All of these things make up a brand identity and are just as important as the mark itself. At FIG we create a brand identity book for our clients to help them use the brand in the right way, to protect its usage with other suppliers and to ensure everyone in house is using the right language and imagery so there is a consistent look and feel.

Design for print

This is where FIG started 25 years ago, so I think it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing! We initially became specialists in newsletter and magazine production. Although this market dropped considerably, it’s interesting that printed newsletters did start to make a comeback pre-COVID, as people were tired of reading things on screen. We still design many things for print, from business cards, leaflets, brochures, reports, pull ups, direct mail campaigns, and exhibition stands. We get involved in just about everything our client’s need to support their sales process and the events and exhibitions they attend. Recently we’ve done a lot of signage and internal wall vinyls as clients get back to the office and of course, big exhibition stands as events are now open again!

Digital design

As you can imagine our designers are heavily involved in digital design these days. With our own web development skills in-house, the design team work closely with them to produce effective websites that are built for users. They have UX skills and experience and work closely with the copywriters to ensure we produce online experiences that are creative, intuitive and personable. Our social media and content marketing work has grown massively over recent years and the design studio is really important to support this work. They produce eye-catching imagery and social media content that really works to engage and attract attention. For our marketing partners, where we work on a retained relationship, our design team really get to understand our client’s brand and how to develop it online to get the best results, ensuring there is a consistent look and feel across everything they do, on all platforms. Our studio also designs and build client emailshots to ensure that they are effective, measureable and impactful.

Packaging design

Increasingly over the years the FIG design studio has become involved in packaging design for our clients. The team get excited by creating eye-catching packaging that achieves results in a crowded market place. From the initial concept through to artwork, we produce packaging for clients in both B2B and B2C sectors and understand that the best packaging communicates your brand values and proposition as well as representing the product inside.

I’m very proud of our design studio and of every member of our long-standing team. They are all passionate, experienced and really care that what they do has an impact for our clients.

If you are looking for a design team to support your marketing strategy, get in touch with FIG. You will find that we provide expertise, fast-turnaround, creativity and a quality service. Every time. Take a look at our portfolio.

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