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When it’s ok to use your phone for photography

January 2021Helen
When it’s ok to use your phone for photography

By Dave Smith, Acting Studio Manager and our in-house photographer

Good, well shot and relevant photography can be a real benefit for your website, social media content and marketing collateral. Modern smart phones are now capable of great photographs and can be used for a variety of different shots to help your business on a day to day basis.

Creating photographic content using your phone 

The most recent smartphones now have fantastic photographic capabilities, even from just a few years ago. Not designed to replace professional photography, but using your phone to take photos can be a quick solution for on-demand images, for example, on your social media platforms. This might be a working situation unfolding, maybe you’re out and about, or just catching a moment in the office like a colleagues birthday. All of these types of moments captured on the phone can be great digestible visual content for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Documenting work in progress is a superb way of using simple phone snaps. Recording the process of your daily work activities and projects as you move along is a brilliant thing to do. Not only for yourself, but for your social followers and emailshot content too. Everyone loves to have a nosey at what is going on in a company, so sharing your work in progress, events, latest news and developments can provide some great social engagement. This information also translates well in to emailshot content to add further valuable engagement alongside key business content over email to both your current clients and potential clients too. People certainly do buy into people, so sharing this type of photography over social or email can be a real success.

You can also use phone photography to capture boardroom and clipboard notes from any brainstorms you may have. Keeping a digital record of idea sessions and scribblings is a fantastic use of phone photography. Recording and sharing your collaboration is not just to keep a record, but it can be a valuable source of promoting one of the integral elements of your company and your team.

What you need to know

Before you get stuck into your phone photography there are various conditions worth considering before you press the button. Is the lighting adequate? Maybe your shot is too dark, or even too bright. If you are inside, chances are the shot may be too dark, so look for some extra natural light from a window. Also when inside, avoid shooting subjects that are directly below ceiling lights as this can create unwanted and harsh shadows.

If you are outside, the light may be too bright, and if you are shooting people, the bright light can cause people to squint, which doesn’t look great on camera. Despite this, natural lighting outside can help produce excellent photos, so you should always consider taking things outside to shoot whether it is products or people

Have a good scan to check your shot doesn’t include anything to spoil the composition. There might be someone else in the shot or a stray coffee mug or a pile of office papers.

It also doesn’t do any harm to just check your camera settings to see that they are fit for purpose. Most cameras have auto settings that can help whether you are shooting portraits of people or whether you are outside in daylight. Each mode will choose a combination of settings to get the best out of your phone camera for a given scenario. For example, portrait mode may give you some extra depth to the photo, while a macro mode may enable the camera to focus on a subject that is closer to the phone camera lens.

In addition to all of these great points, using your smartphone to take a photo is super easy. There really is no excuse not to use it for your content. Uploading and sharing photos to your social platform or even storing them in an organised online photo library like google photos is a nice simple process too. With all these things in mind you really should have at least one person in the office keeping image based content up to date with fresh, valuable insights in to what is happening in your business.

When it comes to your website or marketing collateral, I recommend you get the professional photographers in for the best results.

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