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Web refresh for Northwood Consumer

November 2020Helen

Northwood Consumer has invested heavily in their products with top of the range machinery, latest production technology and sophisticated product packaging to match. It was time to give their website a makeover to showcase their rejuvenated brand – that’s where FIG came in.

FIG has been working closely with Northwood Consumer over the past year to upgrade the packaging of their complete quality paper hygiene products, including Hush, Rhino and Inspirations. Following its success, Northwood further enlisted the help of FIG, their long-standing marketing partner, to update the overall site to stage their ‘new look’ product range, with some still being kept under wraps until early next year…

Our team of talented designers created new pages for the site using Adobe XD so the Northwood marketing team could clearly visualise the site and explore its functionality. This process added value for the team, helping both the Northwood and FIG creatives to work in partnership to progress the site and bring the pages to life.  

Each product page on the new Northwood Consumer site has a strong brand identity, drawing on the product characteristics, with a simple colour palette to tie the site together. This new, more modern look complements the overarching Northwood Hygiene Products brand.

Why not take a look for yourselves here:

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