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September 2018Charlotte

Our Designer Chris Dixon is a self-confessed lover of illustrated movie posters, American national park prints and collector of patches and pin badges here he shares his perspective on how heritage and history remain fresh concepts in the design world.

When celebrating the old is new … 

When companies are looking to rebrand it’s most definitely with an eye on the future – investing in a redesign is about taking a step forward – but rebranding is also very much about going back to a brand’s roots. That journey should not be limited to brand messaging but must also be part of the design process too.

The heart of a business should not be lost in any new design… it’s about reinvigorating, reflecting and reshaping that message creatively.  It’s great as a designer to be that time-traveller spending time looking at how a company has presented and re-presented themselves and helping them bridge the gap between the then, the now and the future.

Capturing that heritage and history – ‘retro design’ is very much on the design agenda this year. But it’s not just a case of dusting off an old logo or colour scheme.

So what do you need to think about when you’re reawakening a company’s image?

Design: heritage is about being ‘crafted’ and trusted so we’re seeing a move away from contemporary digital ‘flat design’ to more handcrafted images.      

Colour:  It’s not all about Georgian duck-egg blue! There’s no doubt that colour can but it can also date and get lost in the crowd of everyone else going for the sage green. So be bold with colour and true to your brand but use hue, saturation and brightness to evoke a sense of heritage or a particular time.

Typography: Heritage type doesn’t necessarily mean old – we’re seeing some really creative new typefaces being developed which have a nod to businesses past font or evoking a particular era.

Don’t look back if there’s nothing to see! And don’t over do it. Retro for retro’s sake doesn’t cut it and while heritage is an important facet of a redesign if it’s too fixed it will be tying. Keep it relevant  keep it authentic.

As we continue with our office refresh, our designers are working hard creating unique, stylised artwork for our walls. Here’s a sneak peak of what they’re working on. Stay posted to find out what the finished product looks like.

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