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Video helps TEL to communicate its technical solutions

November 2019Helen
TEL video

Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL) is a long-standing family business established over 50 years ago specialising in electronic airflow controls. By working closely with laboratory companies and fume cupboard manufacturers, they have developed alarm and control systems specifically designed to meet safety legislation requirements and their airflow monitors and controls operate in thousands of laboratories across the world.

With a highly technical, innovative product, communicating the benefits can often get lost in translation on product sheets, brochures and white papers. The team at TEL have been working with FIG, their long-standing marketing partner, on a series of videos to bring the products to life. This is the first of five videos which will focus on the wider product range from TEL and how they all work in collaboration with each other to provide complete environment control for laboratory technicians.

As part of the project, FIG’s senior creative team worked closely with TEL to develop a set of storyboards to set out, frame by frame, what the video would show to viewers. FIG also drafted the narration across all the videos, ensuring that the key messages and product USPs were effectively communicated clearly at all times.

The short videos, which are completely 3D rendered, are simple, concise and clearly communicate the energy saving benefits, reducing costs and carbon emissions whilst offering complete safety and peace of mind for their customer’s workforce.

Richard Eady, Managing Director at TEL commented: “Using videos to help communicate the innovation of our solutions has been on our agenda for a long time and with FIG’s help we’ve brought our vision to life. We shared the first of the five videos with our customer base in our most recent email newsletter and we had good engagement and plenty of downloads. It’s been a long project due to various elements that go into a series of videos of this calibre but it’s been worth it as we know these videos are going to benefit TEL’s efforts of reaching out to a wider, global audience.”

Watch TEL’s Auto Sash Controller video here

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