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Using video animation on social

November 2020Helen

by Dave Smith, Senior Designer

Creating animated videos, whether snappy, short and digestible or longer and more informative can be highly engaging for your audience. People respond well to moving image, it catches the eye and in this format your information is more memorable and has more impact than static images or simple text.

With that in mind, social media platforms can be full of video these days. But, presenting content that stands out helping generate genuine results are fewer in numbers than you think. So whether it is a small animated video or something much more complex, there is a great opportunity to craft some animated video content to provide just that extra engagement your business social media timeline needs to give it a serious boost to your lead generation.

By experimenting on your different social platforms with different animated video content is worth the effort, but there are some core elements of the narrative to keep firmly in mind. So here are my top tips that should sit right at the top of your list of considerations:


With the volume of information shared on social media platforms the window for viewer attention can be mighty narrow. Videos on most platforms auto-play too, so diving straight in there with your visual moving message is really beneficial in order to snaffle that valuable attention from the get-go. There isn’t time to languish on unneeded details. Simple, clear and concise content can be absolute key.

Also, remember that videos in the News Feed mainly play silently unless clicked so aim to attract attract attention without the sound. The animated gif used in the header of this article was used for iBottle’s social content to attract attention to our


Super short, digestible chunks of animation can be right up there for engagement, even more so on mobile. Users can simply slide right by with the swoosh of a touch screen scroll, so no matter how simple or complex, snappy eye catching content of this nature can leave your viewer wanting to see more or read further. The same principle has worked for films for decades in the form of cinematic trailers.


The lighter these digestible chunks can be the less your viewers may feel like they are being sold to. Your short animations don’t need to be super serious and calculated, after all, the majority of your social content is relatively throw away. This was a recent Twitter post to celebrate our web developer’s 30th birthday – just for a bit of fun.


Keep the momentum going from start to finish to try and encourage viewers to stay on board rather than scrolling on by.


Snappy animations are a fantastic way to lead your audience to more extensive, in-depth video content. We’ve had some great fun bringing life to more diagrammatic video-based content for our clients of late, and this type of animated video can bring a concept or brand new product to life in a way that nothing else can. With the help of animation, you can show how mechanisms and processes work, bring life to typographic information or movement to products and environments that are otherwise quite uneventful.

We’re proud to show off work of ours using animation for explanation in the form of product overview videos we created for Temperature Electronics. Camera movement, 3D animation and animated typography helped this client convey the key messages and functionality of their products.



Animation can be used within your videos to provide that extra engagement for a wide variety of content. It can include images, typography, video, graphics, whatever might be the most appropriate for your business and the particular messages you want to get out to your audience. It’s important to keep your mind open about what might work best.

Video can undoubtedly be a super strong element to be utilised in your marketing material. In combo with that cheeky bit of animation in easily digestible chunks, they could be just what your social timeline is missing.

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