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Trends in social media marketing B2B companies should be considering

November 2021Helen
Social Media Trends for 2021

Social media is the place to be in the modern age if you want to increase your brand awareness, engage your audience and drive sales – something most B2B businesses know and understand. LinkedIn is still the gold standard for a B2B audience and here at FIG LinkedIn is certainly the go to platform when we are looking to establish our clients as thought leaders in their field.

But recently, new opportunities have started to arise thanks to new trends and disruptors in the social media space. Is it the time to jump on these opportunities while they are still hot? As with all marketing, not just social media, you need to consider your audience, your messaging and how to cut through the noise. In this blog, we talk about the latest trends in social media, such as new opportunities on Instagram and the TikTok takeover, and how these might be leveraged for B2B marketing.

The rise of TikTok

Unsurprising to many, TikTok was the fastest growing social platform of 2020, meaning it should definitely be a channel to watch going forward. B2B companies overlook TikTok, thinking it is very much B2C and Generation Z, in favour of more popular B2B channels such as LinkedIn. But there are B2B companies already using TikTok to great advantage and it is widely known that TikTok’s algorithm is capable of generating a tremendous amount of exposure, more so than other platforms. Creating engaging branded content for TikTok can not only boost brand awareness but it is also a powerful networking technique, as you can use location-specific hashtags.

This kind of ‘snackable’ content or ‘microcontent’ is a current craze that even B2B business owners are watching, and as the fastest growing social media platform in the world right now, this should definitely become a marketing consideration for your business.

Instagram for business in 2021

Another platform that has historically been neglected by B2B businesses in their marketing efforts is Instagram, as it is typically viewed as a B2C platform. In reality B2B companies can potentially experience a greater level of engagement on Instagram in the form of likes, comments and DMs. Instagram can be ideal for generating engagement and raising brand awareness as it is perfectly suited to telling the story of your brand through images. Instagram is designed to connect people, so targeting people within companies or industries is made very easy. People also prefer video content which Instagram supports very well.

LinkedIn paid and organic

This is one trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, and that’s the use of LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. LinkedIn is still up there as the most preferred B2B networking and marketing platforms because it is dedicated for this purpose and facilitates their needs perfectly. The paid marketing tools that LinkedIn provides are powerful and enable very specific targeting. They also provide lead forms, which are like promoted ads to allow users to populate contact forms at the click of a button, enabling you to capture leads and simultaneously verify the quality of the lead.

Organic marketing on LinkedIn is also trending as it is an ideal platform to launch a content marketing strategy designed to attract engagement from your B2B prospects.

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