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Top Design Trends for Summer 2020

May 2020Becky

We asked the FIG team to predict what design trends they expect to see more of this year, and if they’re right, we can’t wait!

We’re looking forward to seeing much bolder choices from companies this summer, with strong, vivid colours bursting into life. 

No longer will you hear the phrase ‘blue and green should never be seen’…and whilst you’re at it, why not throw some orange in there too?

Strong typographical messages have been taking centre stage recently, with more companies commissioning custom fonts to help distinguish their brand.

If you really want to get your message across, then it seems the best way is just to put it into words.

With the added focus on sustainability and traceability, 2020 has seen a shift in how brands are portraying themselves.

This back to basics approach helps give companies the human touch that they may once have been missing and helps connect them to the core issues that concern their customers.

If you’re looking to grab attention, then it makes sense to make sure there’s enough to retain said attention once you’ve captured it.

Messing with perspective intrigues the viewer to take a closer look, therefore spending a little more time getting to know your brand.

You can read more about using 3D depth in design here >

Artistry is on the rise with big brands utilising line drawings and sketches to help ‘illustrate’ their key messages within their marketing collateral.

FIG used it to great effect last year (we were well ahead of the curve) with the rebrand of one of Edge Hill University’s vegan eatery, Roots. (You can read more about that here).

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