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The importance of strategic branding in B2B

November 2019Helen
strategic branding

In the past couple of years, strategic B2B branding has become a growing request in our design studio here at FIG. Whether it is product branding or corporate branding, both are seen as strategically important to the business. We look at why there is this growing trend and why it is so important to the growth of a business.


As B2B markets have become more competitive and industry sectors increasingly saturated, it is difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves. In many cases products become commoditised and the pressure to differentiate on cost increases, but obviously businesses don’t want to do this. Businesses would rather differentiate on service and the value add they can offer, and this needs good clear messaging and branding.

In business things can change rapidly so it’s important to be strategic about your branding, and periodically take a critical view of what your branding and messaging is communicating to your clients. If this is misaligned with needs and requirements, all your marketing and communication efforts are going to be missing the mark.

Respositioning and branding a product for Thermal Fluid Solutions


Before you consider rebranding you should understand what is important to your customers and what it is they want from you. We did some customer insight with a client previously. The client had always thought price was the most important factor in their customer’s decision making process. They felt it was so important that competitive costs was highlighted in their overall branding in a strapline. The FIG team talked to our client’s customers to find that their customers actually valued service and knowledge of the team more than price. Because the company were positioning themselves as competitive and price driven was potentially why so many of their prospects seemed more interested in price than anything else. We did some other strategic work with them and repositioned their branding and messaging to ensure they were talking to the right customers who were looking for service and product knowledge. In this example a complete rebranding wasn’t necessary, as the repositioning was achieved with a change of strapline and changing the messaging on the website and other communications.

DNA of your company

The look and feel of your company branding is often seen as the visual element, for example the mark, but your brand represents the actual DNA of your company and should reflect everything about your company:

  • Your reputation
  • Your customer service
  • Your promise to customers
  • Your products and services
  • Your pricing
  • Your ethics
  • Your values
  • Your marketing materials
Different brands trying to differentiate themselves on the shelves

Your products and other brands

As well as corporate rebrands and positioning projects FIG does alot of work with our clients helping to brand and position products and brands in the marketplace. This can be financially very rewarding for a business and why companies give it a great deal of attention. A rebrand can completely resposition a product in the marketplace from a mid market to a premium brand with new packaging, branding and messaging with very little changes to the product itself.

If you need help getting strategic with your brand position FIG would love to talk to you. Contact us on 01457 857111 or take a look at some of our branding projects.

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