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The BIG FIG logo competition

February 2021Emma

Before Christmas, the design team at FIG were given the task of producing a 25-year logomark to be used throughout 2021 as part of our year-long celebration of FIG’s 25th year in business.

The four designers have a total of 25 years’ service at FIG between us, so it was a chance to end 2020 with a fun project and to let our creativity run riot. In all our work, we have the opportunity to be creative in a number of ways but often a specific brief, brand guidelines or audience all place requirements and restrictions on a project, so to be given free rein was very exciting.

We all worked separately and in total we created 24 logomarks with everyone in the company given the chance to vote for their top three.

What was amazing was the range of ideas for a simple 25-year mark, with a variety of typefaces and graphic elements each a little expression of the individual designer that crafted it. Each and every one could have been used and would have been appropriate for us to commemorate this impressive anniversary.

You might have thought it would be a close race but in the end the decision was simple, and a clear winner emerged in everyone’s top three and Lizi took the prize for her retro take on the logo. We could all see this working and I think we all liked the fun, vibrant and nostalgic nod to our 25 years.

We have lots we want to do and showcase this year and this logomark sets the tone for everything that is to come, which we hope, will culminate in a celebration of an amazing business milestone.

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