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June 2020Becky
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As traditional sales methods such as face-to-face conversations, tradeshows and exhibitions have been put on hold, could now be the right time to consider a brand new marketing campaign for your business?

Just because certain elements of your ‘normal’ marketing strategy are no longer viable shouldn’t mean that your customers don’t hear from you at all. Luckily, marketing is extremely fluid and adaptable so there’s no reason at all for you not to still be marketing your business to them.

For FIG, the approach of summer normally sees us hard at work finalising exhibition displays, branded merchandise and printed collateral for our Marketing Partners as they promote their business at various shows around the world. Obviously, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these events aren’t taking place right now, but that doesn’t mean our clients have ceased their activity – they’re still promoting their business and services, just in a different way.

The most effective marketing campaigns combine a strategic selection of techniques, each expertly implemented to target exactly the right people with absolutely the right message and at precisely the right time. And as such, they require the experience of a range of marketing experts, the skill of a professional account manager, and a considerable amount of time – which is where a professional marketing consultancy like FIG comes in.

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises a comprehensive range of experienced specialists, between them covering all aspects of marketing, including branding, design and print, digital development, social media management, public relations, copywriting and overall account management.

We work together to devise and implement campaigns of various sizes for clients, drawing upon our collaborative knowledge and a range of marketing tools too.

Here, we look at just a few of the different components of your 2020 Marketing Campaign Toolkit:

video marketing campaign

Video: Lots of brands are cleverly using video to their advantage – and you can too. Investing in one five minute video can comfortably provide you with enough content for a months-long multi-channel campaign. By splitting it up into small 30 – 50 second clips, you can use the content on your website, across your social media accounts and as a blog or think piece too. It can also be used as content within your email marketing for a really multi-faceted approach. FIG’s Marketing Partner, TEL, used video to great effect last year. Read more here >

Social Media: All companies should have some sort of social presence. You don’t have to be on all of the social platforms of course, but you should definitely identify the right one for your sector and then publish interesting, useful, relevant content on a regular basis to build up an organic follower base. Where possible, make use of trending topics on Twitter, or use your industry hashtag,s to locate and take part in relevant conversations on LinkedIn and always reply promptly and professionally to any comments or queries you receive.

Digital Advertising: If you really want to drill down and target a specific group of people, consider running a paid-for digital campaign to really help put your campaign message in front of the right people. FIG regularly engages in PPC campaigns for our clients and for ourself, with great results. Whether you choose from remarketing, AdWords or PPC campaigns, make sure you have clear goals before you start, and that you proactively monitor and tweak the campaign depending on the results to really make the most out of it.

Email Marketing: You may not be able to see your client base and potential customers face-to-face, but you can definitely still send your campaign message out to them providing you have a GDPR-compliant database. There are many e-marketing platforms available at little to no cost, but make sure that your emailshot is professionally designed so as not to let your campaign down. Checking the report after the campaign has gone out is a great way to reflect on what worked well, what could have been better and what shouldn’t be repeated to ensure your future campaigns work even smarter for you.

Of course, these are just a few of the different campaign activities that you can carry out, but it’s not exclusive – there are many more things you could do. If you would like FIG to help with your next campaign, please email us at [email protected] or call 01457 857 111 to find out more.

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