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Six reasons why your business should enter for an award

September 2021Helen

With most Covid-19 restrictions now lifted, it’s that time of year when many important regional and industry award events take place – or what we at FIG call ‘award’ season!

And whilst we may have seen the dates, locations and formats of these events change due to the pandemic, it doesn’t make it any less exciting to enter and, fingers crossed, win that trophy.

Putting yourself up for awards is time consuming and you may ask if it really is worth the effort, but did you know that being nominated and winning an award can bring enormous benefits to your business?

So, here are FIG’s top six reasons why your business should be entering for an award:

You’ll maximise your visibility

Making an awards shortlist or winning one can secure you plenty of publicity. The event organisers will be keen to maximise PR on their event, so you’ll be included on their website, in any press releases and on their social media channels too.

Don’t stop there though – make sure you make the most of your achievement by sending out a press release to your own target press to shout about your success. You can generate more of a buzz by posting news on your website and on your own social media, using any associated hashtags and tagging relevant parties. Have you thought about writing a blog and adding an award logo on to your email signature as well?

Winning an award can open new doors for you and these are all terrific ways to show your customers, prospects, staff and competitors that you deserve attention for your brilliant work.

You’ll boost your credibility

An award nomination or win is a powerful third-party endorsement for your business – this is not something you’ve bought, you’ve earned it. You’ve had to beat off stiff competition to get here, so why not share it?

Use your achievement as part of your sales pitch and make sure you take every opportunity to describe your business as ‘award-winning’.

You’ll be recognised for your expertise

Being shortlisted or winning an award helps to position you as an expert in your industry and a ‘thought leader’ in your field.

Being judged for an award by an independent panel helps you stand out from your competitors and is the perfect way to demonstrate your depth of knowledge to potential clients and the media if they approach you.

You’ll get to network with other like-minded businesses

Business awards are an excellent opportunity to network with other successful people and companies. At the awards event, take the chance to connect with anyone in your sector and establish some mutually beneficial relationships – you never know where it may lead.

You’ll motivate your employees

Awards are one of the best ways to recognise and reward the achievements of your team. Winning awards can boost morale and help to motivate your people, especially if you take them along to the event to be part of it.

It’s well proven that motivated employees are more productive and working for an ‘award-winning’ company is certainly something for them to proud of.

You’ll attract new talent

Who wouldn’t want to work for a forward-thinking company that’s at the top of its game? Winning an award is proof that you’re running a successful business and will help you attract and retain the best candidates when you have vacancies on your team to fill.

FIG can help you

Awards aren’t for show-offs, they’re for businesses who understand the importance of celebrating hard work and genuinely value their employees.

As an experienced full-service agency, we can help you identify any potential awards for your business and prepare a killer award entry for you. And, if you win, we can help you share your success and make the most of your achievement though PR and other marketing channels.

If you think entering awards would be beneficial for your business, then why not get in touch with us? Call us on 01457 857111, or email us at [email protected].

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