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Shiny shiny – resisting the temptation to be a PR magpie

May 2019Tom
Social Media Trends for 2021

Expanding communication channels, content generation, influencer marketing – there’s so much noise out there around new, emerging and industry ‘disruptive’ ways of communicating to your customers, clients and potential markets. 

Identifying how, where, and when you should invest in your resources and time is key – and there’s the temptation to follow the trend and be attracted by the bright, new and shiny.    

Social media is a case in point. There’s much focus and promotional activity right now that it could be very easy for your business to ditch the traditional and go all out social in a bid to drive more leads.

Of course, social media is an important route of communication and can be immediate, global and quantifiable. But while it’s an important channel, it is not the total solution. Social media should be harnessed alongside, and not instead of, more familiar and practiced communications activities.

Social and digital hits may deliver quick marketing wins – but third party validation, media and press coverage delivers strong sustained reputational growth.  Authority, authenticity and integrity are key messages in a busy marketplace but you can’t just claim these for your own – you have to earn them and this is where a more varied PR strategy is critical.

So how can you build a solid, strategic approach which is efficient and effective? The answer lies in integrating and targeting your messaging across a range of media channels. 

The PESO model is more than a PR and communications plan; it is rooted and integrated into your business objectives and across your company. It reflects the real value of PR – working in tandem with marketing, advertising, brand and analytics.

Developed by American PR expert Gini Dietrich it focuses, organises and targets marketing and PR activity – maximising your investment of time, skills and resources.

In short it takes the four media types – paid, earned, shared, owned and blends them together – all working together to strengthen your businesses authority, raise your profile, showcase your brand.   

  • Paid media: pretty much what it says – this is content you’re paying to place and to have distributed. Traditional outputs would be print, broadcast advertising but this also includes social media marketing such as Google AdWords.  
  • Earned media:Your content and messaging is distributed on its own merits by journalists, influencers, and professional / sector organisations. It’s what most people recognise as ‘PR’.   
  • Shared media: Here’s where social media shines – it’s more than digital marketing tools or a way of customer service teams speaking directly with your clients. Social media is increasingly being used for internal and external communications. The expertise here is creating content which is engaging and sharable. 
  • Owned media: This is your content and your audience. You own it – you distribute it – you control it.    

It may seem daunting to be considering all of these media strands at once but in reality these are all channels that your business will probably be using to a greater or lesser extent already. The skill is to bring them together so that you develop your ‘brand story’ and enough angles to meet as many of the channels as possible.

Rather than being distracted by the trinkets of messaging trends, work towards a gold standard of utilising all available elements and channels across a campaign and make communication the jewel in your crown – delivering results and driving growth.      

  • Paid Media – amplify it!
  • Earned Media – rubber stamp it!
  • Shared Media – distribute it!
  • Owned Media – create it! 

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