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RS Prop Masters feel the force of FIG’s digital expertise

January 2019Helen
RS Propmasters

Demand for lineage replica props originated from closed forums and ‘underground’ fan clubs but in the last few years RS Prop Masters has found itself at the forefront of a high-growth sector and is now leading the charge to bring lineage props to a wider audience.

“This is a new era of Replica Props with an expanding community. We think it’s time to shine a light on what we do and why.”  
Rob McCormick, business founder RS Prop Masters

Its existing website had become out-of-date and cumbersome to use, so RS Prop Masters got in touch with FIG to create a new site that told the story of the passion and craftsmanship behind the business, emphasised the lineage of its props and included slick ecommerce functionality.

Differentiating between RS Prop Masters  fully finished commission suits and its increasingly popular ‘self build’ kits was also vital as this clarification had been a source of confusion for customers previously.

RS Propmasters

Do. Or do not. There is no try…

We immediately set about our mission. With up to 75 different products being offered on the site at any one time, ease of navigation was essential. Moving away from a traditional grid format, we introduced new feature sliders and scrolling functions to enable customers to see products in a character carousel before drawing them through a Star Wars fan’s dream of accessories and associated products.

Take a look at


  • Stunning visual design reflects RS Prop Masters’ dominance in the sector using a minimalist ‘stripped back’ format reflects the technical and cine-heritage of the Star War brand.
  • Enhanced engagement with fan-base achieved via easy links to social media channels, hall of fame and a platform to showcase its increasing YouTube presence.
  • Increased navigation and user experience: number of clicks needed to get browsers to the information they need has been minimised.
  • Increased sales achieved as a result of easy to use ecommerce functionality and more effective promotion and categorisation of products.
  • Increased business efficiency: stream-lining of the ecommerce process and user-experience has improved customer service and reduced the resources needed to deal with customers’ enquiries.

Rob and his team think the new site is a force to be reckoned with:

“FIG’s digital insight has ensured that not only does the site achieve everything we asked for, it also includes features that mean it will meet our future needs too. The interest in Star Wars is growing stronger year on year and we now have everything we need in our online armoury to take advantage of it.”

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