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July 2021Becky

As one of FIG’s Marketing Partners, our clients benefit from quarterly catch-up meetings where we discuss their upcoming projects – it’s important to be strategic and to look ahead at what is coming up and make sure that the work is scheduled into the studio in time to ensure we meet their deadlines (and stays within the budget too!)

But during these meetings, we also review the past quarter’s activity for results and how this has impacted the business. It’s important for our clients (and for us) to see that their marketing activity is working for them, it highlights that what we’re doing is purposeful and well-considered, and it demonstrates to our clients the value of marketing and PR.

In one of our most recent end of quarter meetings for our Marketing Partner, Glossop Cartons, we were thrilled with the results, with results from many of our activities outperforming the industry average. There was such a lot to be happy about that we thought it would be great to share it with FIG’s wider audience, to show just how our Marketing Partnership can work for your business too.

LinkedIn followers increased by 11.76%

Social Media

With an active LinkedIn profile that generates a lot of discussion and business leads, FIG creates content for, and monitors, the Glossop Cartons profile, along with creating articles and thought leadership pieces for some of the management team when required.

Followers to the company page increased by 11.76% during the quarter, and the amount of web traffic that came from LinkedIn this quarter had increased by 12.11% from the previous quarter. In fact, LinkedIn was the top web traffic referral for Glossop Cartons which is a strong indication that the social media content we create for them is engaging and of interest to their audience. This was backed up by the fact that Twitter was the third biggest source of web referrals for them too.

9% of web referrals from email marketing


Web traffic was consistent with the quarter before, with a small increase of 3.66% web visitors. As Glossop Cartons develops relationships with its customers by assigning them an account manager once they express an interest, the website is used predominantly as a means of providing the information new customers need and offering them a way to get in touch, so it’s important that the website is viewed by new users as much as possible in order to convert them into new customers. This quarter, the web analytics indicated that 89.7% of Glossop Cartons’ web visitors were new users, compared to 10.3% of returning visitors, which was great news for the business.

Organic search (where the user finds the website via a search engine such as Google, for example) accounted for 35.3% of overall web traffic that quarter. The industry average for manufacturing companies to generate genuine leads from their organic search is 15%, which works out at 5 new leads just from their organic search results alone during that quarter. And with an average session duration of 1 minute and 12 seconds per web visitor, it’s clear that when users arrive on the Glossop Cartons site, they are engaged with the content too.

Average email open rate of 24.35%

Content Marketing

There was a lot of content marketing activity during this quarter which kept us very busy, and it ended with Glossop Cartons being shortlisted for two major awards. This included a number of blogs, social media posts and email marketing, which all helped to promote the company’s services and maintain a good reputation in the marketplace.

Content marketing helps with organic web traffic too, as regularly updating the website with fresh, relevant content is a great way to stay at the top of search engine results.

Content marketing doesn’t just benefit SEO though – it works across all facets of your marketing. For example, 9% of Glossop Cartons’ web traffic this quarter was generated from the two emailshots that were sent out during this time, which is a hugely impressive result. 9% might not sound like a big figure in the grand scheme of things, but when you consider that the industry average is 2.2%, it’s a great result – and something we were very proud of at FIG HQ!

Featured across 7 publications


FIG’s PR efforts for Glossop Cartons during quarter 2 resulted in 7 pieces of media coverage (both in print and online), with a potential readership of 224,593 unique users. There were six pieces of coverage about their awards shortlist throughout regional and industry titles, and an interview with the manager about how the business first started out and how the industry had changed which appeared on

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