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Proving Reliability, Proving Relevance

June 2019Becky
Public relations

The importance of PR at a time of change.

Relevant, robust, reliable – reputation is underpinned by these values. As successful businesses, we spend time, money and resources selling and telling these aspects of our products and services. Certainty, stability and loyalty are fundamental building blocks – change is the potential enemy.  

Making the enemy your friend…

Change is an inevitable feature of business and an organisation’s ability to embrace and navigate it is essential for achieving your strategic objectives.      

In the last 12 months, we’ve helped our clients communicate a range of changes including; business acquisitions, new pricing structures, corporate rebranding, new product launches and the development of new online services. We’ve put public and effective communication at the heart – integrating change and profile.  

Sure, when the change is positive and reflects success, public communication seems a given, less so perhaps when the change is more difficult and/or out of your direct control such as a response to economic, political, regulatory change.

Particularly now, when the business (and economic) conversation seems to be dominated by uncertainty and instability there is the temptation to batten down the hatches, but in fact, now is the time to shout louder and invest in your PR.  

Keeping one step ahead of change …

Although change itself may be outside your control, how you respond to it is very much within your power. The most successful businesses we’ve worked with take a proactive approach to change. They are agile and adaptable. They anticipate it, prepare for it, plan for it, take the lead in embracing it and they communicate it.   

Investing time and expertise in strategic communication – your conversations with your clients, your customers and your sector – can pay dividends in maintaining reputation, market presence and capability.   

Whatever the change and whatever the circumstance, explaining what’s happening (or is going to happen), why it’s happening, what you expect the impact to be, what you plan to do and why you plan to do it, ensures those stakeholders it affects understand you better and trust you more.

Proactive PR – taking the sting out of change…

PR doesn’t just respond to events and change it prepares for it and pre-empts it.  It can make the difference between a positive or negative experience for your business and your customers.

An effective PR strategy understands your audience so intrinsically it will have prepared the ground. Truly proactive PR will have seeded the potential and the motivations for change in advance – neutralising the ‘shock’ or knee jerk appearances.     

  • Regular and well placed PR and external communication develops loyalty and understanding with your audience: They trust you to navigate change and to maintain your values in doing so.  
  • Adopting a range of communication channels (print and broadcasting /digital and social media) enables you to speak effectively and respond quickly and sometimes directly with your audience.  You’re present and connected – you’re seen to be robust and capable.      
  • Show don’t tell – it doesn’t just let your customers and peers see change – it talks and walks them through it: Selling your strengths, reiterating your relevance and keeping the conversation on your terms.

Change and the associated (and sometimes difficult) conversations with audiences are a part of business. But in our experience, and with our communication expertise, change – whether chosen or imposed – can be harnessed into powerful and positive force with effective communication and purpose.  And with proactive PR at the heart of your business strategy – your business will tend to experience less disruption, be better positioned to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that change can bring.

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