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Product photography and videos explained

March 2020Helen

With Senior designer, Dave

Dave has worked at FIG for over 6 years and is an experienced designer, skilled in brand identity, typography, web design, UI/UX, photography and motion. In recent months Dave has been updating FIG’s studio equipment so that we can be more responsive with our client’s product photography.

We caught up with Dave in his busy schedule to find out about some of the product photography and short videos he’s been shooting recently.

What have you been using the bigger light box for?

We had a light box previously but some of the products we wanted to shoot were quite tall so we needed a bigger one. This is hand made specifically for our needs and it’s worked really well. I have recently been re-shooting some of our Marketing Partner’s products, and the results have come out really well. The size of the light box has meant we’ve been able to do some really creative group shots for their category sections on their website.

iBottles products
selection of iBottle products

What other equipment were you using?

I used a Canon 750D set up with a polariser to knock out any unwanted shadows sat on a Manfrotto tripod and two direct daylight lamps. It’s permanently set up now in our photography and video room so we’re able to respond quickly when clients have new products that need shooting. It’s great for clients who have eCommerce websites or who are continually bringing out new products, as we can get them shot quickly, yet professionally, ensuring consistency of style and lighting and onto the website as appropriate.

You’ve used the same equipment to do some videos too?

Yes, we shot some short explainer videos for with a member of their customer services team. I used the same Canon 750D set up with a directional microphone and LED video lighting and a large sweep backdrop. We shot several different videos at the same time, showcasing a range of short fill tamper evident bottles, postal containers and airless pumps. It will be a great way for iBottles to get across the features and benefits of these products as well as injecting a bit of personality behind the products. The videos are going to be shared online and across social channels in coming months.

shooting the iBottle videos

Have you got any plans for other photography at FIG?

We’ve done various product shoots for our clients now and having the studio set up permanently helps us to respond quickly. We will always work with our photography and video partners when a more in-depth, professional project is needed, but this gives us the capability to shoot products for our clients in-house. We also do portrait shots for our clients to make sure their LinkedIn profiles and staff shots on websites are professional and consistent.

It’s been really interesting for me to expand my photography and video skills and being a designer, I know what I want and what will work on online.

Dave’s product shots can be found on the website and the explainer videos will be showcased on social in coming months.

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