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Pot plants and performance

September 2018Charlotte

Recently the Client Services Team has been doing work around the characteristics of high-performing teams. There’s a wealth of research around the affect the spaces we work in have on productivity, health and social behaviour and we decided the downstairs office space was in need of a makeover.


Everyone was encouraged to offer their ideas about everything from seating and storage through to soft furnishings and pot plants. We soon had a plan for how our new space would look and function to ensure the team can perform to its full potential.

On the day the team pulled together to construct desks, build storage, make brews and connect computers and before we knew it this had happened…



We absolutely love our inspirational new environment; it’s cleaner, calmer and significantly better organised which has had an immediate impact on the way we work. We’re happier and more efficient and have the space (both physical and mental) to think more creatively.

Watch this space…

Our design colleagues are currently creating some fantastic artwork for the office walls. We’ll keep you updated but if you’re in Glossop please pop in and see what we’ve done with the place.

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