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The perfect posture at work

September 2018Becky

Why is your posture important? Having a bad posture is more noticeable if you spend prolonged periods of time sitting, i.e. working at a desk all day. Your body is more inclined to relax into certain positions for comfort, but these might not necessarily be the best for your posture. We all know the feeling of come 4pm, you’re slouching in your chair and the screen is a lot closer to your face than before. Here are some steps that you can take to ensure you don’t slip into the bad habit of putting too much stress on one part of your body:

  • Post it notes: Stick a reminder on the bottom of your computer screen reminding you to think about how you’re sat. Sometimes when you’re engaged with something on the screen your posture can be compromised and you might find yourself slipping down into your chair. A simple post-it stuck to your computer can be a great way of having a clear message stuck somewhere your eyes will avert to that will reinforce the point of making an effort with your posture.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor: This may be a difficult one for those who like to cross their legs, or lay with them straight out. But however comfy this might be, you’ll slowly move down your chair and this means putting unnecessary pressure on your spine. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor is the best way to ensure your spine is straight and it almost forces you into maintaining a good posture. Keeping your ears in line with your shoulders is just as important in ensuring you don’t slouch and that you aren’t leaning too far back or forwards.
  • Shake it out: Making sure you take regular breaks, moving and stretching your limbs is a great way to improve your posture. A day of sitting at your desk in the same position means you’re more likely to stiffen up and feel worse for wear. Simply going for a walk and stretching your legs will help your muscles relax. Or why not try a simple lunchtime yoga sequence to help decrease pain and stretch out tense muscles.

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