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My week in the FIG design studio, by Noah

March 2022Helen
Noah's work experience

FIG often extends a warm welcome to local students looking for work experience in a busy marketing and design agency, and recently, we welcomed Noah, 17, into our design studio. Here’s how he found his experience.

Q. How did you feel about coming to work at FIG before your work experience started?

I was nervous coming into FIG since I was unsure if my style of work was appropriate or suitable for the work they produce.

Q. What did you think it would be like here at FIG?

I didn’t think it would be as relaxed and as comfortable an atmosphere and environment as it has been.

Q. How do you think your week has gone?

I think it has gone reasonably well – I’ve learned new skills and even taught a few along the way which will be beneficial in the future.

Q. Now you have taken an initial look at various aspects of our work in the design studio, which aspect have you enjoyed the most?

I’ve enjoyed the animation aspect the most and working the camera alongside photoshop and the methods used.

Noah's work
Noah at work during his work experience

Q. We think you have done a great job at various elements of creative this week, particularly the animation concepts. Which is your favourite piece of work that you have created this week?

My favourite piece of work has been the logos I designed – specifically coming up with a character / mascot for FIG (a dog) and applying that with the logo designs.

Q. Has anything surprised you or changed your mind based on what you thought design studio life might have been?

I was unaware of the amount of work and time that has and is currently being put into projects and there is a much larger scale underneath something so small such as a business logo or the design of a website.

Q. Is there anything else design-related that you would like to try or gain insight into that you didn’t get to experience during your week here?

I’d like to try other software and explore Adobe Illustrator more (despite being difficult to manage at first) and character design – although, character design may not be specifically for FIG.

Q. Has this week helped you with thinking about your creative future?

It has given me an insight into what I find comfortable and what I don’t. I’d like to have a career in illustration and animation as I was unsure if logo design was something I’d like to do but now that I’ve tried it, I’m more aware of my choices.

Q. What will you remember most from your experience in our design studio?

Disregarding how supportive and generous the Design Team are – I’ll most likely remember techniques and software and what goes into certain projects.

Q. From your experience here, would you consider working in a Design Studio in the future?

Most definitely :))

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