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New Year, new business strategy

January 2020Helen
new year plans

Here at Fig, we work very closely with a number of companies as part of our Marketing Partner Programme, delivering on-going marketing and PR activities that make a real difference to their businesses. For many of these clients, an important part of that service is to develop a marketing strategy to complement their overall business plans, helping them to focus on how they will sell their products or services over the next 12 months.

January is typically the time to implement that new year business strategy which you’ve been working on for the past few months, but in truth, if you haven’t done it yet, any time is a good time to review your business strategy, as long as you do it. Taking some time out of the everyday running of the business, pausing for a day to take the time to really understand what your business objectives are and how you are going to succeed in reaching them this year, will help to shape your strategy and ensure activity is targeted and meaningful. As such, marketing plans should be reviewed each and every year to ensure you’re on the right track, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to implement a new strategy.

Developing a new marketing plan

A good starting point to develop your new marketing plan would be to review your progress from last year. Identify whether or not your business objectives have changed, where you want to be in 12 months’ time and if the marketplace you operate in has shifted at all. This will give you a solid platform to work out how marketing and PR activity will help you get to where you want to be in the next year.

At this point, it’s time to review what did and didn’t work in the last year, and most importantly, why?

A marketing plan is effectively useless if you cannot measure against it. Measuring your marketing activity should be based on achievable KPIs, for example, social media rarely has an immediate effect on the bottom line of a business but you can measure how effective it has been to raise your profile and engage with a specific audience. For example; how much positive engagement have you achieved for your organisation? How many relevant followers have you got on these platforms? How many referrals has social activity generated for your website? What did you expect to achieve and how do the results compare?

By reviewing the success of your marketing and PR efforts, you’ll be in a better position to decide what activities will become a firm part of your marketing plan going forward. Repeat the activities that generated the most return, and don’t forget to put a cost estimate on these.

Finished the groundwork – now what?

You’ve now got a greater awareness of what you need to do to grow your business, however, to get there, you may need some help. For many of our clients, focusing on running a business consumes their working lives, understandably, and as such delivering on a marketing strategy becomes almost impossible – which is where we come in.

Taking on a specialist marketing and PR agency to implement your strategy and deliver on it, could be the best decision you make as an organisation.

At FIG, our team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to run with every element of your marketing plan – from direct mail campaigns, creative advertising and social media communications to media relations, digital campaigns and website design, development and management. For 23 years, we’ve made it our business to get under the skin of our customers, becoming an extension of their company and generating results. No more is this evident than through our Marketing Partner Programme, where we play an instrumental role in growing our clients’ businesses through sustained, targeted marketing and PR activity.

Marketing is a process, not an event…

Marketing is a process, not an event – it has a beginning, middle, but never an end. Whilst it’s incredibly important to set an overall marketing and PR strategy for the year, this should be reviewed throughout the year to assess your goals, check your progress and modify anything that may not be benefitting the business or getting the return expected. This is why our Marketing Partners benefit from a quarterly marketing and PR review, as we check against targets set and work with our clients to identify what needs to be done to reach goals going forward. You will find that by keeping abreast of your marketing with regular reviews, you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding against your competition.

If you need help with your marketing strategy in 2020, writing or delivering on a marketing plan we’d love to hear from you contact us on 01457 857 111 – we’re always interested to hear from new businesses.

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