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New Digital Presence for Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors

December 2020Becky
Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors

Long-standing FIG client, Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors, commissioned FIG to create a brand new web presence for the growing law firm.

With new team members, multiple North West locations and a growing portfolio of clients, Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors wanted to refresh their website to reflect the direction of the successful business.

The Process

FIG met with Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors’ Marketing & PR Manager, to scope out the project and to find out what new features were needed on the new site. FIG also analysed the analytics of the existing site to discover how users were currently finding the site, how they were using it, and where they were dropping off, to help us shape the user experience of the new sitemap.

In response to the findings of the research, FIG reordered the service menus in order of popularity rather than alphabetically, so that the most viewed pages appeared top of the menu, meaning they were easier to locate and offered a more positive user experience.

Once the sitemap was agreed and the content revised, the FIG designers began re-designing the page templates. Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors wanted to stand out from other law firms, positioning themselves as friendly and approachable, whilst reflecting their roots, rather than coming across as another stuffy, old fashioned law firm. Our designs made use of big hero images of local landscapes, as well as images from their printed collateral to help keep everything consistent and on brand.

Icons were created for each of their services, which will become a useful tool going forward when used on printed materials and across social media. FIG’s designers made use of the company’s colour palette to represent the different areas of their business, making the site easier to navigate and understand.

The  Conveyancing Calculator was also in need of a big overhaul. It required the user to input the same information over and over again and was just altogether a little bit clunky and frustrating. We stripped it right back to make sure that the user didn’t have to duplicate any information, and that the process as a whole would be much more user friendly.

We presented the new designs back to Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors and after a few small revisions, once the team were happy with the designs, the site moved to the web developers to begin the build.

Built with a WordPress content management system, the Marketing Manager has full access to the back end of the site so they can manage the content, pop ups, blogs and add new team members whenever necessary.

Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors’ Marketing & PR Manager, Jo Green, said: “It has been great working with Fig on the development of our new website, they really understand our brand and our positioning in the communities we look after. From the start of the project, they understood the need to improve the client experience online and so have created a new website that is much smoother, more customer-centric, making it an overall more positive experience for the user”.

The new website has recently gone live and has been well received by clients and stakeholders alike. Take a look at the new site here >

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