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New Branding Project in Good Health

November 2020Becky

When it comes to branding, the FIG team are very experienced and talented, so we were delighted to work on a new healthcare collaboration project recently.

Glossop Primary Care Network approached us to help with branding the Glossop Health Team, a new collaboration of six different medical practices within the local area who share knowledge and resources to provide primary care and support to the community.

FIG presented four very strong options back to the team, utilising medical colour palettes to portray health, cleanliness and well-being.

Option 1: incorporating hearts and silhouettes in greens and blues, with the negative space creating the medical cross that’s seen on pharmacy signs the world over.

Option 2: a muted green colour palette reflected the rural location of the practices, whilst the shaping of the icon echoed the medical connections.

Option 3: with a nod to the hands used in the previous logo, this simple line drawing logo conveys a group with care and community right at its centre.

Option 4: another earthy palette to reflect the location of the practices, this was the most abstract of the four options.

Alongside the branding, FIG was also asked to create additional assets to help promote the new organisation, which would need to work with the chosen logo. This included social media header images, letterheads and agenda templates to present a professional and consistent image to patients and board members.

After a presentation to the board, all four designs were really well received by the team. The chosen branding has yet to be revealed, but you’ll be seeing it locally, very soon.  

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