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Mock examinations pass the test!

October 2020Helen

At FIG in the design studio our role is often to help clients visualise how their brand, message and solutions can be delivered. But we also help clients see how their products can be presented.

Over the last couple of years at FIG the studio has worked on an increasing number of projects to produce a mock up visual for our clients so they can see what the end product might work.

When beginning a project like this we’d start off by creating some initial flat concepts and then see how that design can then be applied onto a product mock up.

A mock up gives us a better sense of direction with our ideas and importantly how our concepts translate onto a three-dimensional surface. By using the mock up we can see what elements are working in the design and whether we need to revisit any elements.

When reviewing a design we will often ask ourselves whether something is too small, whether we need to make a statement bigger, if we are using the space correctly, and if there are any key features we need to include.

These mock ups have become a real benefit to us and increasingly valuable to our clients. One example of this is for Northwood Hygiene Products. As our working relationship has developed so has the need to showcase their brands and their products.

When we began working with Northwood they had relied on their products being photographed for various marketing purposes. Whilst this gives you that realism and allows you to place them in suitable environments, it also presents other challenges. You need to have the new product available which is an expensive outlay, the photography can date the product quickly. It becomes expensive to reshoot especially if the product itself changes in design or additional products are created and you need more retaken. One of the difficulties is getting the right image for your marketing needs. A poorly shot photo can hamper the effort that’s gone into making a design stand out.

Initially the mock ups were purely used to help the client visualise the new packaging designs, it was never intended to replace the photography. The ability to make alterations and have a mock up that looks good straight away is a real advantage for clients.

The success of the mock ups has been so great that they are now being used as part of Northwood’s promotional literature instead of product photography. The flexibility it has given the studio means we can update them quickly, showcase new designs and experiment with different concepts.

We can even change the emboss patterns on the kitchen rolls or toilet rolls!

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