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A marketing strategy should underpin your business plan

December 2021Helen

A marketing strategy should underpin your business plan, setting out what your business does, its USP (unique selling point), your business objectives and how marketing is going to help you achieve those objectives.

In 2021 marketing strategies and business plans were thrown out of the window as everyone was responding to rapidly changing situations and a very different marketplace. As we’re now looking forward to 2022, now is the right time to be thinking about that marketing strategy. A lot has changed – the economic situation definitely has, but your marketplace may look very different than it did 18 months ago, your business has probably changed beyond recognition too! So now, it’s a good time to reassess everything, including your marketing, to consider all of the changes and adapt what you are doing so you can hit the ground running in 2022.

It’s healthy to spend time on your business rather than ‘in it’. We all know that but often do not take that important step. It’s often why we don’t achieve the targets and objectives we want. Taking a step back and thinking about these things can boost your bottom line in the long run.

At Fig we use a well known strategic marketing programme called SOSTAC. It’s a useful tool to work through to keep you on track and stop you wasting time and money on marketing activities that are not going to work for your business.


  • S Situation Analysis – looking at where you are now
  • O Objectives – where you want to go
  • S Strategy – how are you going to get there
  • T Tactics – looking at the details of what activities need to take place
  • A Action – putting the plan to work
  • C Control – measuring, reviewing and updating

This strategic marketing programme is invaluable whatever stage your business is at, whether you are a start-up, looking to grow to the next level or looking to reassess the business after a period of tremendous change, like we’ve all just experienced.

We can help you work through this process, ensuring your marketing and communications strategy and subsequent actions are aligned to your overall business objectives. FIG’s senior marketing specialists can ask the ‘why’ and show you the ‘how’ through a methodical, insight-led plan that will help you to communicate the effective messages that resonate with the right people and drive up ROI

If you would like to discuss a marketing strategy for 2022 for your business contact FIG on 01457 857111 or visit our marketing partner programme to find out more

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