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Making change …. Introducing a fresher, bolder, more focused FIG

April 2019Tom
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Emerging technology, digital transformation, new markets and of course Brexit – there’s no doubt we’re in the middle of a period of significant change. But change and challenges are good for business, it makes companies sharper and work smarter.

It makes us focus on our clients and where our business is coming from, to look at the possibility of threats but also where there could be opportunities. It challenges the status quo and makes us look at our processes and the way we have always done business.

At FIG we’re embracing that with a fresh look and bold perspective. 

We’re making change.

Just as we build, shape and strengthen our client’s presence in the marketplace, we’ve been sharpening our own focus and brand presence to a targeted marketplace, building on our core strengths and capabilities.  You can expect to see us being even more targeted in our approach, focusing on our B2B markets and continuing our specialist expertise in manufacturing, industry and technology. Taking that to the operational level, we’ve introduced a new project management system helping us work smarter and even more efficiently.

We don’t just do – we think.

Successful marketing is undoubtedly creative and impactful but it is also strategic and commercially driven. Understanding customers and how a brand aligns with their motives, and more importantly their changing market needs, is critical for continued business success.  Strategic direction and tactical support has always underpinned our work and is integral to our Marketing Partnership Programme – but it’s something we think we should be shouting about more.  This integrated approach is reflected in our portfolio of new clients who understand and appreciate the huge benefits of having a dedicated team of multi-disciplined professionals working on their communications without the cost or commitment of employing such an experienced in-house team.

Focused and bold. 

Committing to customer audiences is crucial for every business.  Making the most of opportunities and converting interest into sales, even in the face of current uncertainty and increased competition, means reaching out to right people, at the right time in the right way. That means targeted and committed conversations with customers on the right channels.  Our strong targeted digital campaigns are consistently generating new conversations for our clients.  

Grabbing prospective customers’ attention with a brand may be the first priority but keeping that attention is equally vital.  65% of customers will leave out of indifference – that’s why complementing our targeted focus on B2B is our enhanced skills base. The last year has seen us strengthen our media and PR communications, audio visual content production, targeted marketing expertise and digital services. Being visible across all channels is important and why our Marketing Partner Programme has longevity and success with our clients but there’s no one size fits all.

For FIG the most effective marketing tool in 2018 was an extremely targeted and customised direct mail campaign. We knew our market, we focused our approach and we enjoyed a 50% conversion rate.

Harnessing Tech.

Technology is driving change, innovation and development across business sectors, and marketing. The way our clients engage, communicate and ultimately sell to their customers continues to evolve. We’re an inquisitive team with an eye on innovation and developments on the horizon and how we can implement them for our clients and we’re continuing to invest in our digital services.

We have recently delivered that expertise to our clients with several large digital projects going live. But it’s no longer about the latest shiny new thing that we all need to have, it’s about really understanding how our customers engage with us and want to do business with us and making it as easy as possible to achieve that. So, user experience has become a key consideration for digital projects, looking at how a website can really help a business, showcase its products and services, differentiate against the competition, help customers to find the information they want quickly and easily and ultimately ensure the business sells more products.

Businesses rarely stay still, they move and change with the times and that’s what has been happening at FIG and so we’ve launched a new FIG website that reflects our core strengths and capabilities and showcases the work we do for our clients, helping prospective clients to make an informed decision about doing business with us.  Feel free to explore our new digital home and enjoy our new look! 

Looking to the future. 

As we move through 2019, businesses will be challenged by the many changes taking place politically and economically. The economic challenges that are affecting our marketplace have forced us to look at our business, to focus and concentrate on our specialisms and what we do really well. It’s what we do so well for our clients, helping them to strategise and to spot and run with opportunities.

FIG has a long-standing senior team of skilled professionals with a strong ethic to do the right thing for our clients and we’re excited by the opportunities ahead, for us and our clients, working together, to get results.

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