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What makes a great Christmas ad?

December 2018Charlotte

It’s hard to remember when the Christmas advert became such an integral part of Christmas. For me at least, it started in 2011 with John Lewis’ ‘The Long Wait’. A young boy counting down the days until Christmas, wishing the hours away, seemingly waiting for Santa to deliver his presents, until Christmas day arrives and he enters his parent’s bedroom with the gift he’s been waiting to give them. We’re left with the strapline ‘for gifts you can’t wait to give’ and some teary eyes too I’m sure!

And soon after, it seemed as through supermarkets, department stores and big brands all wanted a slice of the big Christmas ‘TV advert’ cake. So, what makes a great Christmas ad? The imagery, the music, the story being told?

We asked a few of the team at FIG for their thoughts.

Account Manager Lucy believes a loveable hero or heroine makes a Christmas advert truly special like M&S’ Mrs Claus and Paddington Bear. And copywriter Fi likes the adverts that make you smile so Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot tops her list this year.

Studio Manager, Callie says: “I love a Christmas advert that brings together the essence of Christmas through its story and visuals; warm lights, cosy jumpers, a roaring fire… These are the things that take us back to our own special Christmas memories.”

While PR Manager, Katy believes that the best adverts are those that leave you thinking. “Polysemy in advertising allows us to speak to different groups of people through messaging and if you’re thinking (even better talking) about an advert the next day it’s done its job.”

What’s your favourite? Head over to our Twitter @fig_agency and let us know what you think makes a good Christmas ad.

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