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Make Your Marketing Campaign a Christmas Number One

October 2019Becky
Make Your Marketing Campaign a Christmas Number One

It’s not just high street brands that need to up their game during the Christmas period – a festive marketing campaign is a strategy that every business should adopt.

You don’t need a budget to rival John Lewis’, just a well-considered and comprehensive plan. Here’s our advice on how you can make your festive marketing campaign a big hit.

1) Make Some Noise

Amplify your reach by seeding your campaign out across multiple channels. Place your message across as many different customer touchpoints as you can to ensure that your audience is exposed to it multiple times. The more they see your adverts, emails, leaflets, videos etc., the more intrinsic your campaign message becomes.

2) Hit Them in the Warm & Fuzzies

A well-crafted marketing campaign isn’t just about making sure your audience is aware of your message (although that certainly helps). By creating a familiar, well-loved narrative around your campaign, your audience will instantly feel attached to it and respond with positivity when they recall your brand. During the 2018 period, Virgin Trains teamed up with the mental health charity Rethink Mental Illness and painted passages from the script of the much-loved Christmas film, It’s A Wonderful Life, along each of their platforms all the way from London to Glasgow to show how powerful simple acts of kindness can be, particularly around Christmas. Tapping into the passengers’ emotions was a sure-fire way to pull at the heartstrings and create that warm, fuzzy feeling we all know and love.

3) Cover the Basics

Your festive marketing campaign doesn’t have to be all-singing, all-dancing – but it should at the very least communicate what your customers need to know, such as reduced operating hours or company shutdowns. This can be done as simply as adding it to an email signature, adding it to your company Christmas card, and a pinned tweet or facebook post on your company’s social media pages. The last thing you want for Christmas is to annoy your customers – or lose potential new ones – because they couldn’t find the information they needed.

4) Ask The Experts

If Christmas marketing isn’t on your list right now, then why not ask FIG’s Christmas elves for a sprinkling of their marketing magic. Call us on 01457 857111 or email [email protected] to get the bauble rolling. 

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