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Make marketing your friend

February 2022Fiona
AIDA helps to grab your attention

To the uninitiated, marketing can seem like a mystical activity using a strange language that includes phrases like ‘touch base’, ‘reach out’ and ‘gamechanger’… say what?!  

As a result, marketing is often viewed with suspicion, or at the very least scepticism.  

This probably stems from the fact that marketing’s primary role is outward-facing, focusing on the customer and how best to promote a business’s products and services. But good, clever marketing is so much more than that. It has a pivotal internal role to play too.

Of course, working in collaboration and cooperation with any other business function is best practice but marketing can be an especially beneficial ally in helping achieve your strategic objectives.

Here are four of the many reasons we could think of to make friends with your marketing team:

1. Marketing’s superpower is communication

Marketers spend their time working out the most effective way to engage with and create connections between people. While that is usually customers, it could equally be employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Human resources might, for instance, use your marketing team to help with a recruitment campaign, while product development teams might tap into its market research capability.

Your marketing team can be especially useful in communicating change – whether that’s your business structure, corporate culture or strategy.

2. Marketing’s proximity to the customer can offer valuable insights

Marketers make it their business to understand who your business’s target audience is, what they want and need, what’s important to them (and what isn’t), how they buy, how to win their loyalty and any specific challenges you might face in reaching them. This information is hugely valuable – not least to the people in your organisation responsible for developing your product or service offering.

3. Because it knows what your competitors are doing

However brilliant your product or service, your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your marketing team will help you understand what else is available so you can position your business realistically and create a strategy for communicating what makes you different. The more people in your organisation that have this knowledge, the more responsive you’ll be to any threats or opportunities in the marketplace.

4. Because, if something goes wrong, your marketing team’s expertise will be vital.

It’s unrealistic to think a public relations crisis won’t happen to your business. Research and strategic advisory firm Oxford Metrica found companies have an 82% chance of facing a crisis in any five-year period whether that’s in relation to a corporate irregularity, an allegation of discrimination or a social media blooper!

Even if you don’t have specific PR crisis management expertise in-house, your marketers will know where to access support quickly to ensure the situation is quickly and professionally diffused.

Have a conversation  

Engaging with your marketing team should be a two-way conversation; yes, they’ll have a wealth of commercially valuable information to offer but the more input and ideas they have from across the business, the more targeted their activities can be.

In the end, your marketing team is there to generate brand awareness, drive engagement and generate sales.

And that benefits everyone.

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