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How to keep productivity levels booming at work

August 2018Becky

1. Stay Hydrated

Are you drinking enough water each day? If not, this might just be the reason that you’re losing focus later in the day. Dehydration is linked to focus, and not drinking enough water can be the cause of fatigue and impaired concentration. Staying hydrated is the key to ensuring vital senses are engaged and in turn it highly boosts your concentration levels. Try drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day and if you know you’re guilty of forgetting and you might just notice improved levels of focus.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Studies suggest that we work best in 90 minutes bursts, staying at your computer for long periods of times can result in loss of focus and fatigue. Ensure you take regular breaks to help regain focus and energy. A break as short as five minutes is a good chance to step away from your desk and get in a little walk, stretch your legs, make a drink for your colleagues or do a little lap of the office to help contribute to a physical and mental break.

3. Avoid multitasking 

Doing two jobs at once may feel like you’re getting a lot done but in reality, you’re not fully engaged with the task at hand.  It’s easy to get distracted by multiple jobs, but avoiding multitasking on a day to day basis will help to improve focus levels and allow you to fully immerse yourself into each task. Statistics suggest that multitasking can reduce productivity levels as much as 40%. Stay on top of your A-game and work through your to-do list one job at a time!

4. Lay out your workload

Sometimes jobs seem to backlog and it’s hard to know what needs doing first. Laying out your workload in front of you and breaking it down can be a vital way in meeting success. Visually looking at your jobs and prioritising tasks can be a great way to focus your mind. Compile everything in your head and the jobs you’ve written on the odd post-it note and make a list every morning on what you want to achieve that day.

5. Minimise Distraction

Possibly the hardest thing to adhere to in the office is cutting out distractions.  In a busy office, it can sometimes become impossible to minimise distractions, but there are ways that you can plug yourself into your own little ‘me’ time. Headphones are a sure fire way of keeping yourself focused on what you’re doing. Depending on your company policy, if you need distracting from the outside world then having your headphones and some calming music on hand can have a drastic impact on productivity levels.

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