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Is it time to use remarketing?

February 2020Helen

This week we’re talking about remarketing. Some of you may already be using remarketing in your marketing mix, some of you may not, but everyone will have been remarketed to at some point or other.

So, what is it?

Remarketing or retargeting, depending on the platform you are using, is the technology which places ads which remind, cajole and entice you back to web pages you have recently visited. For example, if you have been shopping for shoes on a particular website and thereafter see an advert featuring pictures of those exact shoes, perhaps with a 10% offer on nearly every website you visit, these are remarketing ads.

In essence, it’s like you’re being followed. In essence, you are. It’s heavily used in B2C to try and convince us that we really did want to make that purchase. But increasingly we are starting to see it being used business to business.

How does it work?

The way that they work is pretty simple. When you land on a website on which remarketing is enabled, your browser picks up a cookie. A cookie is a small file that stores information, such as tracking statistics. It’s these cookies that activate targeted adverts on other sites you visit across the web. These cookies normally last for 30 days, during which time you will see the ads appear on almost every website you visit.

There are different types of remarketing. The most common way to drive remarketing ads is by using Google AdWords, which has a sophisticated array of settings to enable you to focus your ads on exactly the right customers. You can use Google AdWords when people are searching, or as display adverts on other website. Dynamic remarketing are those adverts that show you the products or services you viewed previously. There are opportunities to use social media remarketing with LinkedIn, Faebook, and Pintrest.

Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43% Source: Criteo

Why use remarketing?

This type of internet advertising has two benefits; firstly it is relatively cost effective as the cost for each click is less than other forms of internet advertising. More importantly, it allows you to remind those customers who have already shown themselves to be interested in your offering to come back to you. These touchpoints help to keep your company in their sights, and make it easy for them to return when they are ready to make that purchase. The Chartered Institute of Marketing state that a sale normally takes place between the 5th and 12th touch point, so remarketing adverts can help you to maintain visibility. There are many reasons why a customer will not purchase on the first visit to a website but remarketing means you can tailor advert content to entice customers back to your site and complete their purchase or make an enquiry.

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