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Introduction to Lucy

September 2020Lucy

I’ve just completed my first month working at FIG and I can honestly say that the welcome into the FIG family is everything I expected from the self-proclaimed ‘Figsters’. It seems I am now one of them, which is a vibrant and inspiring place to be!

Where have I come from?

I started my PR career in a small specialist agency in Madrid. Looking back I think I’d call it a baptism of fire, a jump into the deep end, in a foreign language, but also the start of a real interest in the ‘behind the scenes’ of the media. Working on press conferences, magazine features, photo shoots and website content for public figures in the arts and culture sector, I learnt the basics of being a client’s PR representative.

Several years later, I was lucky enough to be hired by an automotive specialist agency where I spent the next six years working on everything from global PR accounts to B2B marketing for SMEs, from classic cars to low carbon future technologies. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a client to grow their business, whether through press coverage in a national newspaper, a TV spot, radio interview, a sponsorship deal or strategy redirection.

You CAN start a new job in lockdown

Starting a new job while sat in my kitchen is something I have never done before. While for some people this might sound impossible, FIG had all the systems in place to make it achievable. It was never going to feel normal, but with the right internal communications software and cloud based systems in place, it really wasn’t an issue. On reflection, remote working is just one of the many new challenges we have all learnt to adapt to during Covid-19 lockdown.

FIG life

FIG has a fantastic team but also a fascinating set of clients. One of the things that most attracted me to FIG was the integrated design studio, with PR and marketing managers working alongside the (socially distanced) creative team. This synchronised approach is efficient and effective, which benefits the team and our clients.

Another thing which attracted me to FIG, and is just as I expected, is the morality and humility of the staff. Anyone who has worked with FIG will know that the team is hard working, approachable, honest and unpretentious. I believe these qualities go a long way in business.

So, I am officially a Figster, part of an award-winning agency, which has already started me on a journey I am excited to explore.

I look forward to meeting my new clients and helping them to boost their reputation, acquire new customers and reach their targets.

If you’d like to talk, you can email me on [email protected].

Career takeaways

  • Never compromise on quality of work, even when time pressure is on
  • Speak up – if you sense an idea doesn’t fit, query it
  • Value your contacts and build good relationships – don’t close any doors
  • Try to follow and predict future trends
  • Stop activities which bring in no return on investment
  • Adapt to change as quickly as possible or risk being left behind

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