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Find out how to improve your email marketing opening rates

April 2022Helen
Email Marketing

Email marketing has regularly been one of the smartest, quickest and most effective methods of communicating with your customers, but with the rise in homeworking, the impact of GDPR and the behaviours of customers, is it still delivering maximum results for marketers?

Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways of reaching an audience. But remember it’s not a quick win. It’s more of a slow burner, a way of drip feeding your brand in front of your customers, educating them and reminding them that you are there. Do it well and you can reap a good return on investment.

Here are some of FIG’s tips to help you improve your opening rates and remember if you are getting around 20% open rate, you are doing very well!

Start with a good database

Use your own database of contacts who know you and give permission to be contacted, you’ll get better open rates. A bought in database will typically see open rates drop dramatically.

Comply with GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law across Europe in May 2018 to protect internet users’ personal data. In essence you can only send emails to people who have opted in to receive your communications. Make sure you follow the rules and stay compliant or you could be subject to a very large fine.

Be targeted if you can

It makes your job harder, but it’s always best to be targeted, even if it means segmenting your audience into different campaigns. If you are sending information that your readers will want to hear, your open rates will be much higher. Ask yourself what do your customers want to hear, which might be very different to want you want to say!

Be real

Make sure your emails are sent from an authenticated sent from address so that the ISPs will believe who you are, otherwise they will ‘spam you’.

Use a spam checker

Check your email content isn’t going to get by spam, you’d be surprised what words can cause a problem – free, buy now, or lots of exclamation marks! Spam check your email before it goes out with the free spam checker tool on emailshot.

Don’t overuse images

Remember not to use a lot of graphics because again this can be seen as spam. Images can’t often be seen until you right click so a recipient may also choose not to open it so make sure your key headings are in text, not graphics. Emailshot’s new easy editor makes it much easier to construct an engaging newsletter.

Use links when expected

Use links within your content at relevant stages but don’t just link to a home page – be targeted. Tease your audience with a short punchy paragraph with a link for more information to the relevant article. It will work much better than putting all of the information in the emailshot. It will also give you more reporting data to follow up afterwards.

Construct your emailshot using AIDA

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action – it’s a great little tool to help you construct any marketing material. Attract attention with an attention-seeking headline, create interest by telling them how you can help and the desire to find out more and always include a call to action.

Don’t confuse your audience

A single offer is strong and offers clarity, but may only be relevant to some. If you have more than one topic, keep your emailshot paragraphs short and clear headings so recipients can scan down two or three pieces and choose what is relevant to them.

Relevant and about the recipient

Remember your emailshot should be about your audience, not all about you. Make your content engaging, interesting, relevant, rather than simply to sell products. Become an expert in your field or demonstrate how your products and services are helping others.

Try these tips out and see your open rates increase.

For more tips and benefits of email marketing download FIG’s guide for free. If you want support give FIG a call on 01457 857111 and we can manage your email marketing campaigns on your behalf, writing and design relevant, targeted content.

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