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How to talk technical. Simply.

August 2020Helen

Doing business is challenging for everyone right now, and with COVID-19 changing on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to reach out to and engage with your customers.

Even without COVID-19, if yours is a technical or industrial business, or your products are highly specialised, communication can get very challenging.

Why? Because even if your audience is knowledgeable and technical, you still only have a small amount of time to attract their attention. On a website, it’s just a few seconds. Thought leadership articles get more attention, but not much. So how do you overcome these issues and reach your audience?

Less is more

In our experience, as a specialised technical agency, we find that technical and industrial companies need help to communicate with their customers. They naturally want to talk in detail to demonstrate their capability but this is only appropriate in specific business scenarios which is usually some way down the sales process.

Initially a buyer or business needs to know how you can help them and what the benefits will be. Known as ‘key messaging’ this is one of FIG’s core services.

The key to good messaging

It’s simple really: identify your customers’ main problems or needs, and map them to specific products or services. The end result is usually one or two – sometimes more – key differentiators which if communicated clearly will ensure customers understand the benefits of working with you.

In practice

Instead of saying how innovative they are, one of our technical clients (a lab equipment manufacturer) tells their customers how their latest product can help users operate more safely, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Instead of focussing on the fact that they’re a global leader, our client (a video technology specialist) demonstrates how their world-wide network can help support and grow their customers’ businesses.

Thought leadership

The creation of thought leadership content is a good way to strut your technical stuff, but it’s still important to stay relevant to your audience and demonstrate (subtly) how you can help them, without blinding them with science.

We create content for our lab equipment manufacturer client, which involves writing LinkedIn thought leadership articles and building their business profile across a range of trade press which has helped establish its reputation in a niche sector and attracted contacts from around the world.

Keeping communication going

Clarity in communication isn’t just about attracting new customers, it’s about keeping existing customers and persuading them to buy other products and services. In fact, this process of focussing on what sets you apart can help shape (not just reflect) business strategy.

Our client Thermal Fluid Solutions (TFS) boasts unrivalled knowledge about the safe, effective management of thermal fluids but this key differentiator was getting lost in the everyday drive to promote products and services.

To bring their expertise to the fore and place a distinct financial value on it, we helped TFS create a separate risk management offering. The PACT Partnership Programme has not only created a new income stream, it’s also helped cement the business’s reputation. 

We get it

We were recently thrilled to announce our partnership with SRL Traffic Systems Limited who manufacture and supply traffic light equipment. The decision to work with FIG was based on our knowledge and experience in their sector but more importantly our ability to write engagingly about their products and services.

So if you’ve found in the past that marketing agencies just don’t get what you do, the team at FIG could surprise you. Take a look at some of our case studies here to find out more >

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