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Google Analytics Explained

March 2022Helen
Google Analytics Explained

When we design and build a new website at FIG we will integrate a Google Analytics account to help you monitor traffic and how the site is working for your business going forward.

Google Analytics gives you pictorial and data driven stats which are great to see how your website is performing and how you might want to improve and update it. But it can all get a bit scientific (and addictive!) so here’s a brief overview of what you should be looking for and how the reports can help you.


Google Analytics offers you initial overview pages where you can change the period of time you want to look at, from a day, a week or month by month. It’s very useful to pull these reports off monthly and do some comparisons of how your website is performing month by month.

What does it tell you?

There’s a lot to take in and a lot to learn about Google Analytics but here are some of the important bits to look at:


This is the number of visits to your site within any given period of time. You can delve more deeply into new visitors and returning visitors which is shown as a pie chart.

Page views

This shows you the number of pages visited on your site.

Avg. Time on site

This is the average time a visitor spends on your site which is quite useful. If it’s low you might be asking why? Is it that the content is not relevant enough for your visitors or are you getting a lot of non-relevant traffic.

Bounce rate

A really interesting statistic, this is the percentage rate of visitors leaving after just one page. If this is higher than about 45% you might want to consider why? Is it your content or non-relevant traffic. An important differentiation. If your content isn’t relevant you need to change it. If it’s non-relevant traffic you need to do more targeted promotion for your website.

Traffic Sources

If you click on traffic sources on the left hand navigation the report changes again, showing you in more detail where traffic is coming from. This is useful if you’ve been doing some form of marketing, whether it’s search engine optimisation, pay per click (including the key words that worked), social media, blogs or an email marketing campaign. You can also see where referral traffic comes from, whether it is from directories or other back links. It’s good to spend some time analysing this section to understand more about what marketing spend is working and what key words your customers are searching for so that you can continually improve it going forward.


This section can help you understand which pages are the most popular on your website. If you’ve just had a marketing campaign it’s useful to see how many people land on those relevant pages. If you click on the in-page analytics it shows you a really useful view of your home page and the % of clicks of each element. It can be surprising sometimes what is popular. Go and check your own website and constantly review your content to find out what people are interested in.

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