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Get ahead with your Christmas campaigns

November 2021Helen
Get ahead with your Christmas campaigns

You’ve noticed it haven’t you? A sudden change in the wind, the slight jingling of bells in the breeze, a shift from the usual ‘vibe’ of the masses to something a little more…merry.

That’s right. Christmas is almost here, and when we say almost, we mean less than 8 weeks away and the Christmas ads will start rolling on the telly any time soon!

There’s a reason Christmas marketing begins to appear around the month of October, and that will be the focus of this blog: why is it so important to get ahead with your Christmas marketing campaigns?

Importance of launching an early campaign

The word ‘Christmas’ starts trending around the month of October each year, which explains why there is a sudden shift in the nature of adverts in that month. Those who launch successful campaigns early on stand to gain the most business over the festive period, which is already the best time of the year in terms of sales for many businesses.

Not only that, but Christmas is a unique time of the year when consumers have a heightened receptivity to marketing, as it is the time of the year when people allow themselves to spend, indulge and have a good time. Many people enjoy watching ads around the Christmas period and it is genuinely useful to them because they have a lot of shopping to do.

Also, Christmas presents the opportunity to create some strong and meaningful connections with your customers. Take John Lewis, for example, or Coca Cola, their Christmas marketing efforts have effectively associated their brands with Christmas in our collective consciousness. You too, can take advantage of this marketing technique by launching a powerful campaign that consistently communicates your desired messages all the way from October to January.

Outsourced Christmas marketing

For many SMEs, managing the Christmas demand at the same time as designing and implementing an impressive marketing campaign, is just not feasible. Outsourced marketing can be a great solution to this problem as you can focus your efforts internally while a team of experts work on a strong Christmas campaign that brings in the sales.

FIG specialise in bolstering the marketing efforts of businesses, creating more sales and more profit for our clients. We love the work we do over the Christmas period, as it allows us to get creative and generate some fast results for our clients.

We’ve already been working on our client’s Christmas messages. Sometimes it can be as simple as saying thank you to customers for their business throughout the year and communicating opening times. But there’s also the opportunity to showcase your products and services in a fun way, to attract attention and build more sales enquiries. And don’t think Christmas campaigns are just for B2C audiences, they can work really effective in a B2B setting too. It presents a unique opportunity to inject some colour, fun and engagement that is often not open to you during the rest of the year. Fun advent calendars, quizzes or competitions can create engagement with your customers, generating awareness and even potential sales.

We can start working on your campaign immediately to ensure that your brand is on the radar of the right people, at the right time. As well as providing SEO support to get your website ranking during this competitive period.

Reach out to us today and see what we can do for your business.

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