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Five reasons why manufacturing companies should invest in video marketing

October 2019Helen
video marketing

With website users on average only reading 20% of a web page*, it’s crucial that manufacturing companies are able to communicate their key points as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is a great way to do this. Videos are an extremely effective way to visually demonstrate the benefits of your products and convey your company brand.  Video engages your customers with your brand in a way that written content often fails to achieve. Manufacturers, with often complex processes, new innovative products and machinery installations, often have a lot of information that will be communicated well via the medium of video to engage potential customers.

Here are our five reasons you should be considering video:

  1. Video has become one of the most shared forms of content on the Internet. In fact, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI*. This can be used to great effect in a manufacturing environment and video is often the best way to showcase products and their function.
  2. The human brain processes visuals much easier than words on a webpage and there is a greater opportunity to engage your audience with a video. Videos allow the personality of a manufacturer to come across and an opportunity for your customers to show an interest in your product.
  3. Videos can often be the best way to communicate a complex or technical topic which can get lost in translation in the written word. If the benefits of your technical information isn’t getting across, a video could be the best solution.
  4. Video marketing allows a brand to build a virtual relationship with your customer. By using platforms such as Facebook live streams, manufacturers can show tutorials or ‘How-To’ videos in an instant, engaging the customer on a personal level. Live videos allow immediate interaction with the audience through the option to comment on live streams creating question-and-answer opportunities which would be very useful in the product demonstration as well as further understanding and proof of the quality of the product and the manufacturer’s expertise.
  5. With the increasing power of social networks, it is important that manufacturing companies use social media including Facebook, UTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to their advantage. Entertaining and informative videos are more likely to be shared by users of these platforms, and more shares means more views. Products can be viewed much more easily through video platforms where product functionality and the brand is understood. If the products are easier to reach and understand, customer interest is more likely to increase.

B2B videos experience 41% higher web traffic searches, 27% higher click through rates and 34% higher web conversions*

From a manufacturing perspective there are so many different ways you can use video in your marketing mix, from virtual tours of your premises, showcasing your capabilities, to product demos and customer case studies or testimonials, to educational and continuous professional development (CPD) videos demonstrating that you are an expert in your field.

80% of industrial content marketers said that they have used video for marketing purposes in the Content Marketing Institutes 2018 Report.

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