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Five reasons B2B case studies matter

March 2019Tom
Content Marketing

Why is it important for B2B companies to have an inbound marketing strategy in place? It is well documented that creating and distributing relevant and valuable content will allow your business to attract and retain customers whilst keeping your business right in the front of their minds.

2019 is an age of reference. Think about it. We rarely buy anything significant without asking for a second opinion or checking for views from others. That’s how it works in the consumer world but it is just as important in the business world too. Getting your customers to review and recommend your products and services for case studies has never been more important to enhance your businesses credibility.

B2B case studies are an excellent way to put your client’s mind at ease and build confidence in your brand, so adding case studies to your marketing strategy can prove invaluable.

Take a look at our five reasons why case studies matter to B2B businesses.

They provide brand credibility

There is one main reason why customers look for B2B success stories—they want to know if your brand has already worked successfully for others.

Rather than simply talking about the benefits of your products, customer success stories demonstrate clear evidence of how your products and services have worked for them. A well-written case study shows that a brand can accomplish what they say based on real stories and real results.

They showcase not just the brand but the customers as well

Often businesses talk too much about themselves when customers really want to hear what is in it for them. Case studies will help you focus on your customers and their experiences rather than simply describing your products and services. Customers often relate better to these stories because they might want to achieve the same results but also a case study can be made really interesting and it doesn’t come across as a hard sell.

Create helpful resources for sales

Case studies make great collateral for your sales team. If you use a marketing automation system, you can incorporate case studies really well into your campaigns tprospects so that they can see real examples of how your products or services are being used.

They’re also helpful when sales members are dealing with prospects that have very specific problems or needs. If you have a library of case studies to draw from, sales can point the prospect to the most relevant case study in that sector or using a certain product or service.

Increase engagement through compelling narratives

Stories are one of the most powerful ways of activating our brains and help us remember things. By simply telling a story through a case study, your business can convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions with your audience.

A great narrative brings a case study to life as it illustrates an example, rather than just providing hard facts of results you have achieved. More often customers will be more engaged and have a clearer understanding about the benefits and advantages of your products and solutions.

That is why one of the best tips for engaging case studies is to write it as a story complete with a beginning, middle, and end. Most case studies often outline the customer’s problem and demonstrate how your B2B business helped to offer a solution to their problem.

Success stories are sources of unique and reusable content

The great thing about case studies is that we can leverage their value by reusing them in various other aspects of the marketing mix, such as PR, social media marketing and email newsletters. As well as a dedicated success story page on the company website, consider placing some on the homepage to draw further attention to them.

Video, infographics, visuals and blog posts can all be created from customer success stories too to further prove your brand’s relevance.

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